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Breast Tenderness Home Remedies



Edgar Cayce often recommended cocoa butter for breast massage and to relieve sore breasts.


Raw Cabbage as Home Remedy for Breast Tenderness

My home remedy for breast tenderness involves raw cabbage.  Take some raw cabbage leaves and apply them to your breasts.  Replace the leaves as they start to wilt.  By doing this procedure you will help to reduce the swelling which has contributed to the tenderness and pain that you experience.


Ice Home Remedy for Breast Tenderness

I have a home remedy for breast tenderness that I experience from having fibrocystic breasts.  I have tried various treatments that didn’t provide any relief.    When I went to see my doctor and he did an examination; it hurt so bad that I was in tears.  He came back in and told me that I had fibrous muscle tissue and some minor cysts that may be in a rupturing stage.   His recommendation was to use heat therapy.  I got home and followed his advice; but, this did not help at all.  I decided to try cold therapy instead.  I got some ice and put it in a bag and applied it hope of relieving my breast tenderness and pain.  I couldn’t believe the difference!  The ice really helped to calm the pain I was experiencing.  I was actually able to finally fall asleep.  After I started using my ice therapy; the pain only lasted for a couple more days.  I can’t even imagine how I would have gone through this condition and pain without using ice. 


Now, here is my home remedy regarding breast tenderness; get a Ziploc bag and fill it with ice or you can use an ice bag if you have one.   I recommend crushed ice as this is more comfortable.  Next, take a hand towel and wrap the ice bag with it.   Now, you can apply this to your breast and position it until the pain starts to subside.  Then, you need to stay still and let the ice do its work.  Also, you should take some OTC ibuprofen to help you relax.


A good home remedy for breast tenderness and pain from engorged breasts includes the use of a bed sheet.  When you’re not breastfeeding and have painfully engorged breasts; take a flat bed sheet and roll it up.  After you have it rolled up, put the middle around your breasts and have someone help you by tying the sheet secure.  You need to keep this sheet tied on for at least a couple of hours.  If you can keep it on over night, that is even better. You may be surprised that this really works.  Also, the cabbage therapy is another good home remedy fro breast tenderness that really works well.


Supplements as Natural Home Remedy for Breast Tenderness

My home remedy for breast tenderness simply requires that you take a supplement.  I had done some research and saw an article in a medical journal that advocated taking calcium supplements to remove the symptoms of breast tenderness and pain.  The article said that this treatment didn’t work for all women, but, there were many for whom it did work.  I gave it a try and it worked for me!  I used to have breast tenderness and pain 20 out of every 30 days.  Now, I only have the pain and tenderness a couple days a month.


Flax Seed Breast Tenderness Home Remedy

I want to share with you a home remedy for breast tenderness and pain.  I have had fibrocystic breast disease for many years, and have suffered with it.  About a year ago I began drinking protein shakes.  Soon, I added one teaspoon of ground flax seed to the shakes and the breast tenderness and pain went away.  I found that the flax seed was a critical component in these shakes.  Whenever I didn’t include the flax seed my breast tenderness and pain would come back.  You need to know that flax seed is not digestible, and you need to grind it down.  You can buy flax seed at most grocery stores, and it doesn’t cost much.  I put the package in the freezer as it can last for months.  I discovered that one teaspoon daily is all I need to keep the pain away.  Again, this is a great home remedy for breast tenderness and pain.  Also, I forgot to tell you that you can put the flax seed on many types of foods.  You can put it on cereal, ice cream, yogurt, and applesauce, etc.


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