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Colon Cancer Alternative Treatments

Colon Cancer Natural Cures and Remedies



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Vitamin D Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

A deficiency in vitamin D has been strongly linked to colon cancer.  It is an unfortunate fact that about 50 percent of persons living in the USA have low levels of vitamin D.  Medical researchers have discovered a direct cause between deficient vitamin D levels and the incidence of colon cancer.  Persons who showed vitamin D levels over 40 ng/ml experienced 60 percent reduced risk of getting colon cancer as contrasted with person who had vitamin D levels lower than 10 ng/ml.  Even for persons already having the disease, elevated vitamin D levels correspond to improved survival rates.  Genes that regulate the cell functions implicated in the progression of cancer are affected by vitamin D.  Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that vitamin D will slow down the proliferation of tumor growth and human colon cancer cells.  In addition, the colon cells can change vitamin D to its more activated form which points to the possibility that there are other unrealized effects of vitamin D that are unique to the colon.  How much vitamin D should you have in your blood?  Clinical research indicates that at least 30 ng/ml is needed to get the healthful effects of vitamin D.  Therefore, one can consider taking vitamin D supplements to have blood levels in the area of 35 to 55 ng/ml.


A significant number of clinical studies have shown the eating beans decreases the risk of getting colon cancer.


When most doctors do the standard test for blood in the stool, it will not be sensitive enough to reveal tiny amounts of blood.  This is the stool guaiac or hemocult test.  Now there is the iFOB (immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood) test.  This can reveal a very tiny amount of blood as might be leaking from polyps or adenomas.  This is much more sensitive than the stool guaiac test  and therefore gives advanced detection of problems before they can turn into cancer.   You can order this test online and do it yourself.


If you drink alcohol your chances of growing polyps in your colon increase by 87 percent.  If you smoke, it's 400 percent.  Men are more likely to have colon cancer than women.


Diet as Alternative Colon Cancer Treatment

The truth is simple.  What we allow to pass through our colon brings health or disease.  The typical Western diet that is low in fiber and high in fat, consisting of refined foods, eggs, dairy products encourage the development of colon cancer and colon polyps.  Polyps are gatherings of tissue the result for decades of being irritated by the content of our stool.  As these damaging conditions continue, we progress to colon cancer.  In most every case, by the time the tumors begin to show up, the cells have long since begun their spread to other parts of the body.  It is in our favor that natural healing is spontaneous and always occurring within us.  Changing our diet to starch based foods will remove the damaging contents of our colon and promote recovery.  This results in having a longer, healthier life.  For more information on how to pursue a starch based diet, do a search for Dr. John McDougall.  He is an MD and board certified internist.  Watch his DVDs or read his book.  Diet is the best alternative treatment for colon cancer. Also get a copy of the DVD Healing Cancer from the Inside Out.  This is an excellent colon cancer natural remedy.


Beta Glucan as Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

Beta glucan is the most powerful immune system modulator ever discovered.  Take beta glucan as a preventative and take large doses of it if you have colon cancer.  There has been a lot of research on the anti-tumor activity of beta glucan.  Go here to read more about beta glucan.  This is one of the best natural cures for colon cancer.


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