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Milk Dangers - Dairy Product Dangers


The Dangers of Drinking Milk and Eating Dairy Products

Speaking nutritionally, all dairy foods are basically “liquid meats” and worse. It is scary because so many people eat cheese and drink milk without understanding the dangers because they believe that milk strengthens their bones, makes their skin soft and helps them to lose weight.

The dairy industry marketers have hyped the calcium to such a degree that they have essentially caused an enormous amount of suffering and death.  An estimated one billion people in our world have died or suffered due to the diabetes, arthritis, strokes, heart disease and obesity of which the majority is caused by a diet based on dairy and meat consumption.

The Milk Letter

Dr. Robert Kradjian wrote the best selling book Save Yourself from Breast Cancer.  He wrote "The Milk Letter" which is a fifteen page monograph detailing all the scientific medical reasons to avoid drinking milk and eating any dairy products.  This is an astonishing report! In his research he discovered over 1,500 medical treatises written in the past 15 years on the health problems caused by milk and milk products.  He read over 500 of these!  You can read this letter at www dot afpafitness dot com.  If you will take the time and space to read this report you will definately not use milk or milk products ever again.

Watch the following video by Dr. John McDougall, MD on the Perils of Dairy - 77 minutes

Dr. McDougall, MD, has developed a diet called “The McDougall Diet” as a result of countless years researching nutritional science back through the early 1900s. He came to the conclusion that fruits, vegetables and starches are the best and most ideal for human nutrition. He pondered what the losses and gains would be by adding foods such as sugars, oils, poultry, fish, meats and dairy to a diet based on fruits, starches and vegetables. It was immediately apparent that dairy should be eliminated and that there was not a calcium advantage to consuming dairy products. Eating fresh foods right out of nature is so much healthier and naturally calcium rich so it is nearly impossible to experience a calcium deficiency on a plant based diet.

Dr. McDougall spent almost three years doing extensive, exhaustive research and concluded that adding any dairy to his basic plant based diet could only add more chemical contamination, microbes, sodium, cholesterol, protein and fat which are the ingredients that are making most of his patients sick to begin with. His research uncovered many reasons to omit dairy products from a plant-based diet. He quickly realized that the risks of eating dairy heavily outweighed any so called benefits.  In fact the dairy industry continues to falsify and overstate what they deem to be beneficial. Dr. McDougall is an uncommon voice in this world where people tend to be gullible to the false advertising the dairy marketers promote.

It is The Additives that Taste so Good in Dairy Products

Nutritious and delicious is how the National Dairy Council refers to their products. It is understandable why people like the taste of butter, ice cream, and yogurt and cheese because they are filled with salt and sugar, otherwise it is doubtful anyone would eat them.

The Dairy Council is quite aware of what entices children into consuming their dairy products. They use a lot of sugar and flavorings to make it all taste good. The greater the amount of sugar in the dairy product the more drawn we are to eating it. Ice cream contains 50 percent of its calories in sugar.

Dr. McDougall learned from his patients how bad straight dairy foods taste. While he was in residence training in the 1970s he took care of people who were experiencing kidney failure. These people were supposed to avoid salt. He instructed these patients to eat salt-less cheese and butter but the patients objected saying they would not be able to eat a bowl of lard. Cheese and butter without salt are very unsavory.

In the following 3 minute video, Dr. McDougall explains how and why most milk is infected with viruses such as bovine leukemia.

Eating Dairy Products Damages Bones

The National Dairy Council claims a large amount of research conducted over the past few decades points toward the truth that eating an adequate amount of calcium rich dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and milk increases bone mass during the growing years and subsequently reducing osteoporosis related fractures. The reverse is true.  Countries that consume the most dairy products have the most hip fractures.  The more dairy the more fractures. This is because the body must leach calcium out of the bones to neutralize the acidic amino acids in milk products.  This degrades the bone structure over time.  Milk has growth stimulating effects and impacts our bodies in a very negative manner. Cow’s milk is meant to be fed to baby cows not human beings. A cow’s milk helps young calf grow from a sixty pound calf to a six hundred pound cow in less than eight months. Milk from cows contains six hundred growth stimulating calories per quart because it is made up of fifty percent fat and high concentrations of calcium, potassium, sodium and protein. Human milk is at least three to four times lower in these same concentrations of nutrients.

Growth Hormones are increased due to Dairy Foods

Cow’s milk contains a hormone that is an insulin like growth stimulator called IGF-1. It is a very powerful hormone that directly stimulates growth in cows and humans alike. When human beings ingest this hormone through the consumption of milk it has an undesirable impact on our bodies and can increase the growth of cancer and also speed up the aging process. IGF-1 has been found to be the scariest hormone in milk because research discovered it is the most responsible for cancers of the colon, prostrate, lung and breast. It also leads to premature aging which is not what the dairy industry tells us.

In the following 2 minute video, Dr. McDougall explains the dangers of ingesting IGF-1

Estrogen is Elevated when Dairy is Consumed

The dairy industry has brain washed us for over 40 years with the mis-informative message that estrogen helps to build up bones in women thus preventing thus osteoporosis. They promote certain estrogen formulas like Prempro, Premarin and HRT. They obtain this estrogen by milking the poor dairy cows throughout their entire pregnancy. The ramifications of eating and drinking foods or formulas that contain such high levels of estrogen are cancers of the prostrate, uterus and breast.

Dairy & Meat are the Cause for Overall Bone Damage

Dairy Products promote bone building effects due to estrogen and IGF-1; and obvious bone destruction through the unhealthy acid and protein levels. Through major extensive studies it is revealed that populations of people who eat increasing amounts of animal protein (including dairy) have much higher levels of osteoporosis. The populations of people who eat the least amount of animal protein in turn have the lowest numbers of people afflicted with osteoporosis.

Dairy Products do not Promote Weight Loss

Campaigns done by the National Dairy Council falsely state that there is evidence of trimming our waistline if we eat dairy three times per day. Through various studies on dairy consumption there has been no significant weight loss benefit to eating dairy, in fact some studies have shown that there has been an increase in weight due to eating dairy.

The Powerful Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is very powerful due to their political connections and financial backing. The dairy industry people can basically say whatever they want to the general public with no obvious consequence except for the overwhelming number of people who are sick and dying due to their consumption of dairy products.

This piece is excerpted from an article by Dr. John McDougall, MD, and you can read the original article along with a list of the clinical studies that were performed to support the statements in this article.  Go to www dot drmcdougall dot com



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