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How to Stop a Crying Baby



Calm a Crying Baby

To calm a crying baby first thing to do is make sure there is not a real physical cause.  Babies usually cry because something is hurting them.  Look for a sharp clothing tag, diaper pin or some other obvious environmental problem.  Next check for a fever, rash or some other symptom of a physical illness.  If your baby didn’t burp after the last feeding he or she may have gas.


Often babies cry because they simply want to be held.  There is nothing at all wrong with this if the baby is under 18 weeks of age.  Many parents think it will spoil the child to pick them up when they cry but that is not true.  Babies need to be held and cuddled.  Babies learn how to love from their parents and if they don’t learn this from them, they will not know how to love and to receive love when they are grown.  They may develop intimacy issues causing problems with marital relationships.  A study done at McGill University showed that when babies are held more often, they will cry less frequently. 


A useful method to deal with a crying baby is to briefly touch your baby 100 times or more each day during periods when your baby is not crying.  When attention and love are forthcoming at all times, and especially when there is no crying, a baby will not need to cry to get it.  This is just common sense. 


Soothe a Crying Baby

Many crying babies will respond positively if you can play a recording of a heartbeat.  This ties into the comfort they felt in the womb and the constant sound of the mother’s heartbeat.  Music can also soothe a crying baby. Calm music is best (no heavy metal).  You can purchase a CD called the Eternal Om which has the constant sounding of OM. This is very calming to babies.  Also, humming can be very soothing to a crying baby.  A noise machine with recorded natural sounds like a running brook, ocean surf, rain and wind can also be very useful.


Taking your baby for a slow walk through the house or outdoors around the outside can provide a soothing respite for your baby.  Try rocking your baby gently – do you have a rocking chair?  Any type of constant motion is helpful.  For babies who are very prone to excessive crying, rocking vertically can do wonders.  While holding your baby on your lap, move your baby in a gentle up and down motion while putting a little pressure on the tummy and chest.  When there is pressure on the front of the chest, it feels like they are once again in the womb.


Often time a crying baby can be calmed by driving in the car. 


Babies can get tired of being in the same position and so changing that can often settle a  grumpy mood.  Some babies like to look out at the world from your lap and others like to be held on your shoulder looking at the world go by from the rear. Allow your child time to adapt to each new position.


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