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Measles Home Remedies & Natural Treatments



Natural Symptom Management as Home Remedy for Measles

Measles is a disease that is best treated when the symptoms are managed well.  There are many measles home remedies that are effective when used to treat symptoms.  Most importantly, be sure that you are getting plenty of rest.  This is imperative.  Stay in bed until you no longer have a cough, fever and cold.  Not only will this help your body to heal, but it will also keep others from getting sick.  A good rule of thumb is that you should be isolated for about ten days after the infection initially begins to subside.  It is also important that you keep your body well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.  Lukewarm baths are also great to naturally reduce your fever.  Warm water enemas are also a great natural way to remove toxins from the body and are quite effective at reducing fever.  Keep yourself comfortable and stay in a well-ventilated room.  It is also important that you stay out of direct sunlight.  Measles will cause you to be very sensitive to light and you should keep your body shaded to avoid any further fatigue and to allow your body to heal. 

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Citrus Juices

Measles can be managed by the natural treatment of drinking lemon and orange juice regularly throughout the day.  You'll find that your appetite will subside, but the citrus flavor of these juices can help to bring back some of your appetite.  Not only will these juices help with your appetite, but they are also extremely effective when used to increase the effectiveness of your immune system because of their high concentration of vitamin C. 

* * *

Turmeric Powder

Try this easy natural remedy to combat measles.  Mix turmeric powder with honey or simply take capsules you buy at the health food store.  This is a great way to naturally boost your immunity and beat the measles. 

* * *

Powdered Licorice and Honey

If your child is suffering from measles, you can give them this simple and effective home remedy.  Mix honey with powdered licorice.  This not only tastes great, but it will help to soothe sore throats and helps to calm a cough. 

* * *

Barley Water as Natural Treatment for Measles

It is common to have heavy and dry coughing with measles.  To beat this awful cough, try drinking barley water. 

* * *

Barley Bath

You may also find that your measles infection is accompanied with a rash and the skin is irritated.  Soothe it with a barley bath.  Put about a cup or two of barley in a blender and reduce it to a powder.  Then put the powder in with a pot of water and heat it.  Let it steep for about 15 minutes and then pour it in your regular bath water.

* * *

Fruits and Vegetables

One of the most important home remedies for measles is to be sure to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  This is extremely important because not only do fruits and vegetables have lots of vitamins, but these vitamins are very important to speed your recovery and they also have a high fibrous content. 

* * *

Healthy Diet

It is vital to eat a proper diet both during your measles infection and after the infection is cleared.  This is especially important when treating children that have been infected with measles.  Eating a proper diet ensures that your body is getting the proper nutrients, thus allowing for your body to recover more quickly.  Be sure that you avoid processed foods because they tend to be high in sodium and other things that you want to avoid.  Spicy foods should also be avoided.  During the first few days that you are suffering from measles, try to keep to an all fruit diet.  After this, you can add some citrus juices because they are high in fiber and vitamin C.  After you have added fruit juices to your diet, you can begin with a soft food diet that consists of fruits (grapes, grapefruits, cantaloupes and grapes are good choices), whole grain cereals and bland soups.   You can start adding some fresh vegetables to your diet once the fever has subsided.  This is a wonderful natural treatment for measles and is a great way to gradually work healthy foods into your diet.  At no point should you begin eating processed foods, coffee, carbonated beverages, fatty foods and oily foods.  These foods should be avoided both while you're fighting the infection and once it has cleared.  Be sure that you drink lots of water and fruit juices to prevent dehydration. 

* * *

Turmeric and Tamarind Seed

A great natural remedy for measles is to make a powder using equal parts turmeric and tamarind seeds.  Eat this powder in dosages between 350 and 425 milligrams each day until symptoms have stopped. 

* * *

Sponge Bath as Home Remedy for Measles

Children that suffer from measles will need to have their temperature reduced quickly.  This is very uncomfortable for them, and can be reduced using the easy remedy of a sponge bath.  Run you child a bath that is lukewarm and gently sponge the water over their shoulders and neck.  This should bring their fever down. 

* * *

Valerian Root and Garlic

Valerian root and garlic are great natural treatments for measles. 

* * *

Yarrow and Lobelia

The recovery process from measles can be significantly shortened if you use yarrow and lobelia.  This mixture can be taken daily for optimum results. 

* * *

Avoiding Contact

Perhaps the simplest home remedy for measles is to avoid spreading it to others.   This is best accomplished by avoiding going outside your home.  Some people are not properly immunized against the disease, and it can be very easy to spread it to others.  Measles can be contagious five days before the rash appears and up to four days after the rash is gone. 

* * *

Warm Clothes

A simple treatment for measles is to keep the patient dressed in warm clothes.  This not only will help with the chills, but it will also help to sweat the fever out. 

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