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Hernia Rupture Natural Remedies, Treatments & Home Remedies



No Heavy Lifting

When you have a hernia it is very important to avoid heavy lifting of any kind. You must stay away from activities that cause extra intra-abdominal pressure which can include coughing, straining or lifting. These activities can cause the hernia to increase in size. Natural remedies for hernia-rupture include avoiding strenuous activities and also avoidance of alcohol, smoking, and spicy foods.


Losing Weight

Carrying around excessive weight weakens your already injured abdominal area. Natural cures for hernia-rupture include losing weight through healthy eating and gentle walking. Eating foods that are easily digested and good for you will help you to lose weight and also heal your hernia. Sometimes we can avoid surgery through taking care of ourselves through forms of natural treatments for hernias that encourage healing without the means of a surgical knife. Eating food a vegan diet will help you to lose weight and heal.


Chinese Herbs

There are numerous Chinese herbs that work as a natural treatment for hernia-rupture. China berry, evodia, citrus seed, lindera, costus root, fennel seed, blue citrus peel, and areca nut are all very potent herbs that work naturally in helping to strengthen and repair injured muscle. These herbs help to promote proper blood circulation and encourage healthy function of the organs in your body.


Rupture Wort Tea

Make some rupture wort tea and then dip a cotton cloth in it. Take the wet cloth and apply this to the area on your body in need. This home remedy for hernia will really help.


Cayenne Pepper

It has been reported that a natural remedy for hernia-rupture is eating cayenne pepper. Take a little bit of cayenne pepper and add it to your food during each meal.


Ice Pack

Make a soft ice pack and place it over the hernia and leave there for 20 minutes, then remove for 20 minutes and then reapply. You can repeat this several times a day as a natural cure for hernia-rupture.


Chamomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea is a natural treatment for hernia-rupture problems. The tea is a natural relaxant and also is said to help relieve some of the pain associated with hernias. Chamomile tea is gentle and soothing.


Rest and Relaxation

Get off your feet and rest your body! Your hernia-rupture needs to heal naturally. This home remedy for hernia-rupture will give your body time to mend itself through deep relaxation.


Eat Small Meals

A natural remedy for hernia-rupture is to avoid eating large meals. Eat small bland meals several times a day and avoid spicy foods.


Go to Bed on an Empty Stomach

Do not eat at least 2 hours before retiring for bed. This natural remedy for hernia-rupture will help lessen pressure on your abdomen and give relief to the herniated area.


Do Not Bend over after Eating

After eating a meal completely avoid bending over as a natural cure for hernia-rupture.


Avoid Fats and Oils

A natural treatment for hernia-rupture is to avoid foods high in fat and oil because they can cause your stomach to bloat causing more pressure on your hernia.


Eat a High Fiber Diet

Eat a diet high in vegetable and fruit fiber as a home remedy for hernia-rupture. A healthy high fiber diet will help you to avoid constipation which can lead to extra straining and possible cause additional injury to your hernia.


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