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Cold Sore Home Remedies & Cures


Vitamins Home Cure for a Cold Sore

My best home remedy for cold sores is to take 3000 mgs of vitamin C and 1500 mgs of L-Lysine every day.  This will stop the cold sore from getting bigger and there might be a little continued weeping but not very much.  It will stop causing pain.  In addition, my doctor recently gave me a scrip for Valtrex because I have such frequent occurrences.  My skin is not good and I get dry skin conditions which especially dogs me with chapped lips.  I have to use a lot of balm.  I am happy to say the Valtrex in combination with what I am already doing was short of miraculous.  The cold sore didn’t scab up right away but it was completely pain free.  When it did scab, it was soft and it didn’t hurt at all.  This made the healing cycle shorten from five days to three days.



MMS or Master Mineral Solution is the most powerful antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. Apply it directly to cold sores and take it internally. It is simple, cheap and commonly available. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to human cells, only the pathogens. Take this for stopping infection, removing the pain and inflammation. Go here to find out about MMS.



What began as a cold sore blossomed into a two month long major ordeal because I have to pick at it and the skin in the corners of my mouth is thin.  So I thought I would give calamine lotion a whirl and it worked!  I just take a q-tip and dip it in the lotion and then put it on the cold sores.  For three nights I did this and it completely got rid of my sores.  It dried it up just like it would for poison ivy or chicken pox.  Calamine has no burning sensation and there is a very small amount of peeling and crusting.  This is often not true for other products made for cold sores like Abreva or Campho Phenique.  Calamine is a whole lot cheaper and you may already have some in your bathroom medicine chest.


Cold Sore Home Remedy with L-lysine

My job is in a health food store and I am a cold sore sufferer.  These can be brought on by a weak immune system, improperly balanced arginine and lysine in the body and stress.  Arginine is manufactured by our own body and is also found in red meat, red wine and chocolate.  Lysine can be gotten from potatoes, soy and torula yeast and the body cannot make this.  You have to get it from what you eat.  When cold sore sufferers take in too much arginine they will need more lysine to balance that out.  There are some who will need daily supplementation of lysine and a dose of about 500 mg is about right.  It is better to get the lysine in combination with olive leaf or zinc.  Zinc aids in the healing and olive leaf is good for preventing free radical damage.  It can help enhance the immune system and works well on fevers.  Too much zink though, will weaken the immune system.  Microgenics has an olive leaf with 500 mg of lysine.  Also Blackmores is good with zinc and 500 mg of lysine.  For me, I like to take lysine in 1000 mg dose when cold sores become a problem.  You can put lysine directly on the cold sores by mashing up a tablet into powder and then putting it with a little water.  Tea tree oil can also be put on the sores and it is a natural anti-microbe. Colloidal silver can be taken internally.  These are some of the best home remedies for a cold sore.


I got up this morning and I had a cold sore which had already opened.  I managed to get rid of it by the next morning and this is what I did.  I put an ice cube directly on the cold sore and left it there until the whole thing melted. It hurt a little to have all that coldness.  Then I dried the sore by dabbing it and right away I put rubbing alcohol on it with some cotton.  I kept dabbing the alcohol about every hour or so and it was completely gone by the next morning!


Bleach Cold Sore Home Remedy

Here is a good home remedy to kill a cold sore virus.  Soak a cotton ball in bleach and dab it on the sore.  It burns a little but well worth the price.  When that is done, put a bag of green tea in some boiling hot water for about 30 seconds and then put the tea bag on the sore and hold it there for about 10 minutes.  Next, take a multivitamin of your choice and crush it and make a paste of it with a little water and put it on the sore and leave it for about a half hour.  I do not exaggerate when I say the cold sore and the pain goes away immediately. Like magic the sore is gone, gone, gone, and all that’s left is a dried up scab.  Put a little cream on that and you will be tip top once again.


I get these humongous cold sores.  I have waged battle against these with every remedy known to modern science.  I believe I have now distilled this into a formula that really works good.  Take a cotton ball and rub alcohol on the sore until it burns.  Next put some aloe vera gel on it to keep it from making a scar.  Tea tree oil will also dry it up and do away with any microbes.  Do this routine whenever you can remember to do it.  As far as diet goes, stay away from coffee, oats, chocolate and nuts.  Take a B complex vitamin along with zinc, lysine and vitamin C.  If you do this like clockwork three times every day, the cold sore will be gone in three days time from when it first started to the time the scab comes off.


By trial and error I have found that soaking a cotton ball in whole milk and putting that on the cold sore will stop the sore from growing and make the healing quicker.


Garlic Cold Sore Home Cure

I threw everything at my cold sores with almost no success.  I tried honey, ear wax, alcohol and steroid creams.  Recently I had another flurry of cold sores after being ill.  I used one after the other and nothing worked very well at all.  One thing that did some good was the ice cube method and it seemed to lower the swelling and stop the sores from getting worse.  At last I have found something that works for me.  I recalled reading somewhere that garlic is a potent anti-viral and anti-microbial.  Since cold sores are brought about by a virus, I thought I would give garlic a try.  So I put several cloves of garlic through a garlic press and made that into a paste.  Then I stuffed a little of this paste into a small funnel.  I put a smidgeon of sugar and then more garlic paste.  I kept alternating these layers of sugar and garlic until I had filled most of the small funnel.  I left the funnel to sit all night sitting over a glass.  The next morning, there was a green liquid that was thick that had formed in the bottom of the glass.  I call it Essence of Garlic.  I put this green stuff on my cold sores and by the next day the oldest of the sores practically fell off.  A more recent sore that was still forming went right away into the scabbing stage and I am now waiting for that scab to come off.   So it is that some things do well for some and of all the methods I have used, this one did the trick.

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