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Hair Care Natural Tips & Home Remedies



Yucca Tea Hair Care Tip Home Remedy

I heard a hair care tip that has really worked and I thought I would share it. I wash my hair daily with yucca tea, and sometimes rosemary, or chamomile and sage which really adds a lot of shine to my hair!


Carrot Puree Hair Care Home Remedy Tip

My husband has really oily hair and we found that using a hair mask made out of carrot puree for 15 minutes really helps in his overall oily hair care regime. This is a hair care  home remedy that has proven to work for us!


Avocado Natural Hair Care Tip

For someone who prefers hair care natural tips and who also has super dry hair try this home remedy:  take one avocado and mush it up in a bowl with a fork, then take a handful and cake it over freshly washed hair. Let the avocado sit on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes.  It is a really great natural hair care conditioner.


Cucumber Hair Care Natural Home Remedy

A conditioner for normal hair that I use is pureed cucumber. Place it on your hair for at least 15 minutes. This hair care tip is great.


Vinegar Tip for Hair Care

Using white vinegar mixed with water (2 parts white vinegar 1 part water) is a hair care  tip I heard from a friend and is a wonderful way to strip your hair of build up from commercial hair products. Pour solution over your hair after wetting hair and leave on for 5 minutes then wash and conditioner your hair as usual.


Beer Home Remedy for Hair Care

I get split ends and searched for a way to help prevent this. Out of all the hair care home  remedies I have tried the best one is flat beer. I take a beer and pour it in a glass let it sit for even an hour then I pour it on my hair and wrap it up in a towel and leave it there for a couple hours then wash and rinse.


Hot Tea as Natural Hair Care Tip

To help revive dull or over-processed hair use a hot tea solution. Concentrated tea put on wet hair for a good soaking helps restore hair health. This is the best hair care natural tip I have heard of that helps over processed hair.


Olive Oil Hair Care Home Remedy

I sometimes give my hair a deep conditioning by heating up a ¼ cup of olive oil ( not too hot,  just luke warm) and coat my hair in the oil. Another hair care tip for a quick and deep hair care solution to dry hair and I have found there is nothing better. The olive oil helps make your hair super soft.


For helping split ends and also a nice hair care home remedy conditioner take a bottle of beer and pour in sauce pan and heat up slowly until it thickens like a syrup then when cooled down pour in bottle to use as shampoo. The beer has protein which helps split ends and also helps to thicken hair.


I take extra virgin olive oil and comb it through my hair while my hair is dry. The advantage of it being dry is the oil is absorbed very quickly. I have a monthly hair care routine where I use the olive oil combed through my hair then I wrap my hair in a towel and let it soak in overnight. You may have to wash your hair twice in the morning but the results are worth it. The olive oil smells sort of strong but your hair will feel really soft and be super shiny.


Egg Natural Hair Care Tip

Here is my hair care tip: Take some of the shampoo you use and add an egg to it. The egg is full of protein and adds volume to your hair.


Natural Oil Hair Care Tip

Stop washing your hair for a few days and you will see how healthy your hair will feel. The natural oil in your scalp is washed away when people wash their hair every day so my hair stylist told me to wash my hair every three days. Wow, what a difference. For good hair care my stylist says we should be gentle with brushing and washing our hair. This is also a hair care home remedy which helps save money, and at the same time revive your hair!


A natural hair care tip for helping to keep your long hair full of luster and shine is each night before bed braid your hair or at least put it in a pony tail with a cloth of fabric type rubber band. The rubber bands will break your hair. Keeping your hair braided at night helps protect your hair while you sleep.


A hair care home remedy for restoring dry or over processed hair is as follows: Make some hot tea, I prefer green or black tea and pour it into a bowl that is fairly large and then allow your hair to soak for a minimum of  five  minutes,  then  rinse with very cold water.  This will help naturally restore your hair’s vitality.


Curly Hair Care Tip

To care for curly and straight hair I learned this hair care tip from my mom. To make your hair curly or curlier wash your hair at night and then braid your hair before you go to bed. If you want a really tight curl or crimped look make smaller braids and more of them. When you wake up in the morning and remove the braids your hair will be curly! If you have curly hair and want to straighten it a natural tip is to put your hair under a paper bag on an ironing board and iron over the bag while pulling your hair taut and straight under the paper bag. Also after your wash your hair get a big round brush and blow dry your hair straight as you can so that when you go to iron it it will work much better.


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