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Lethargy Natural Cures & Home Remedies



Basil Tea

A great natural remedy to get rid of lethargy is to make a homemade tea.  Use basil leaves to make this brew.  Another great way to cure lethargy is to make a fresh squeezed juice using lemons and grapefruit.  Not only does this juice concoction help with lethargy, it can also help restore a lagging appetite. 

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Food Allergies as Cause of Lethargy

Food allergies are one of the most common causes of lethargy.  The top ten allergens in order of the most allergic reactions to the least from top to bottom:  Dairy causes more allergic reactions than any other food.  Get dairy out of your diet for sure. 2. Eggs  3. Fish.  4. Peanuts.  5.  Tree nuts.  6.  Sesame.  7.  Shellfish.  8.  Soy.  9.  Wheat.  10.  Gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and some other grains).  Go on an elimination diet to find out what foods are causing you to feel lethargic.  Try to eat natural whole foods.


Low Thyroid

Low output of thyroid hormones will cause lethargy.  Click here to read more about Lethargy and Thyroid.


Citrus Juice Lethargy Cure

Lethargy can be naturally cured using fresh citrus juices.  Try lime and orange juice to improve the lethargic feeling and to improve your blood circulation. 

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Coffee Cure

While some people find caffeine to be bothersome and to cause a crash later in the day, some people find that using natural forms of caffeine (meaning coffee and tea in moderate amounts – NOT the sugary, calorie and chemically dense energy drinks sold at convenience stores) helps to quickly eliminate lethargy naturally. 

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Massage as Lethargy Home Cure

One of the best home remedies and cures for lethargy is massage therapy.  Try using essential oils like eucalyptus and rosemary to improve circulation and get your energy going. 

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Essential Oils

You may also find that essential oils are great natural stress relievers.  If you have too much stress in your life, you will likely find that you'll be suffering from lethargy and low energy levels.  Try taking a hot bath and add a few drops of some essential oils to the bath water.  Citrus essential oils are invigorating and lavender is calming.  Both of these essential oils can help improve feelings of lethargy.

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Low Blood Sugar and Lethargy

Lethargy can be caused by chronic low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.  This can be remedied with diet.  Click here to read more about Lethargy, Low Blood Sugar and Diet.


Acupressure is a wonderful natural remedy to help treat lethargy.  It is also great for improving energy levels.  Squeeze between your thumb and index finger and the same place between your big and middle toes.

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Diet as Cure for Lethargy

Some experts have found that lethargy can be directly caused by poor diet and a poor immune system (which is again, directly related to having a poor diet).  This is because how your body works on a day to day basis is affected by the foods you eat and how they work in your body.  If you're suffering from lethargy, then you can easily cure this by removing foods high in chemicals, additives, sugar and fat from your diet.  Do not eat processed and pre-packaged foods.  Instead, eat super foods and whole foods that are natural.  Food can also be processed in strange ways in the body if there is a poor balance of bacteria levels within the digestive tract.  To help ease the digestive system and make it work better for you, avoid foods that are spicy, oily and fatty.  You should also avoid white sugar and flour as well.  While there is no scientifically definitive cure for lethargy and low energy levels, you'll find that improving your diet and removing these harmful foods will have amazing effects in your energy.  Eat a healthy diet that is balanced and is full of vegetables and fresh fruit.  You should also be eating lots of complex carbohydrates (no white flour or refined flour), protein, sprouts and grains.  Water is also equally important.  Ditch the sugary sodas (diet sodas are even worse for you!) and replace them with eight to ten glasses of water.  This is especially helpful for reducing tiredness and preventing dehydration. 

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Lethargy and Diet

While eating a balanced diet is essential not only for curing and treating lethargy, but it is also imperative for several other health reasons.  If you aren't getting enough vitamins and minerals through your diet, you may want to consider this as a reason for your lethargy.  Increased stress and anxiety can be a cause of lethargy and chronic anxiety will actually cause a depletion of adrenal in the body.  The body tries to counteract this by increasing your vitamin B and magnesium intake.  Try to start taking a daily multivitamin that is high in magnesium and chromium.  This will not only help with your lethargy, but it can prevent mood swings and fatigue while balancing blood sugar levels.  Women are especially sensitive to having low iron levels.  If your iron levels are too low, you can find yourself suffering from chronic lethargy and exhaustion.  To combat this, try foods that are high in iron like legumes, red meat and green leafy vegetables.  Be sure not to consume too much iron, as this can cause flatulence, constipation and pain.  If you find yourself suffering from these side effects, speak to a health care professional about an iron supplement. 

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Alcohol and Drugs Cause Lethargy

Suffering from lethargy can only be made worse if you're using drugs and alcohol.  Alcohol only removes extra water from the body, which causes the functionality of many of the major organs to suffer as a result.  By consuming too much alcohol, the body's electrolyte balance is also interrupted, which causes a decrease in energy and increased lethargy.  If you find yourself feeling sluggish, instead of drinking a glass of wine with dinner, try skipping the booze and sticking with water.  This can help to balance your electrolytes and bring back your energy. 

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Exercise Home Remedy for Lethargy

This may sound counterintuitive, but exercise is a great way to cure lethargy.  Cardio like swimming or running and yoga are wonderful ways to bring your sleeping patterns back to normal, lower anxiety and reduce stress.  All of these things combined will cure lethargy naturally.  Not only is lethargy eliminated, but you'll find that you will lose weight and have better immunity.  If your immune system is boosted, you'll find that you will be able to fight off disease that will lead to more lethargy. 

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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a wonderful home remedy for lethargy.  This is especially important and effective when muscles are weak and not feeling like they are functioning to their full potential. 

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Tulsi Tea

Lethargy can be cured by making a tea with basil leaves.  This can be accomplished by boiling basil leaves in clean filtered water.  The leaves should steep for about fifteen to twenty minutes.  After they are done steeping, strain the water and drink it.  This should be drunk about twice a day to keep you energetic and fresh.  In the health food store you can buy tulsi tea.  This is also basil.  This is an excellent natural remedy for lethargy. 

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Fresh Juice Lethargy Natural Cure

Lethargy can be cured naturally by making a fresh juice with grapefruit juice and lemon juice.  Drink this mixture once daily to keep lethargy at bay. 


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