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A good home remedy for sweating caused by anxiety is to make a tea from equal parts of lemon balm, peppermint and fennel seeds.  Drink this before going to bed.


I have looked for a natural remedy for excessive sweating for over twenty years.  Over the years I have struggled with this problem any time I did any type of physical activity.  If I went hiking, walking the dog, or any type of workout, I’d sweat far beyond what is normal.  My hair would become damp and my clothes would be soaked.  I am a female, not overweight, and have suffered through embarrassment.  Finally, a friend told me about a way to take care of excessive sweating.  She suggested that I try drinking green tea.  I started to drink the green tea and have been totally blown away at the results.  This past week I’ve been drinking it throughout the day and I’ve been able to go to the gym and workout without my body sweating excessively.  Normally, when I’d go on the treadmill, I’d be a sweating mess after just five minutes.  Now, I can go on the treadmill for 45 minutes and not even build up a sweat.  I hope that I am able to help others who have also suffered with this condition.


Add two parts each of wild strawberry leaves and stinging nettle leaves to three parts each of walnut leaves and sage leaves.  Put a teaspoon of this mixture (ground or powdered) in a cup of boiling water and drink at bedtime.


I have struggled for many years with this frustrating condition of excessive sweating.  It has just about driven me crazy.  Every time you go somewhere you have to strategize what type of clothing to wear, and monitor how the weather is.  Not to mention, any type of physical movement you do causes immediate sweating.  Then there is the psychological part where you start to worry every time you do any physical activity or go out in warm weather.  You end up sweating even more from the stress of anticipation.  This may not be exactly a natural remedy for excessive sweating as it’s something you buy at the store; but it will work wonders.  What I’m talking about is a product called “certain dry” that you can get at your local pharmacy.  If you read and follow the instructions, you will be rewarded with the results.  I don’t know if it’s absolutely necessary; but, I also put on a different anti-perspirant in the morning.  I strongly recommend that you give this chance!


I have endured excessive sweating for so long that I can’t remember when my problems began.  I realize that there can be different reasons that a person sweats.  I was able to narrow down the main cause of my sweating to two factors.  The first condition that produced excessive sweating for me was anxiety.  The second condition that was a contributing factor was drinking coffee.  I gave up drinking coffee and instead replaced it with hot tea with a little bit of passion flower added to it.  This reduced the amount of caffeine intake and also introduced me to the great world of tea.  I love passion flower and I now get it in ground up powder at the natural health food store.  By switching from coffee to drinking my tea; I have reduced my caffeine intake, have less anxiety, and no longer have the excessive sweating that I suffered from for so long.  I can even go out in public and wear a cotton t-shirt if I chose.  Please make the switch like I did and you’ll not look back!

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