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Diverticulitis Natural Treatments, Remedies & Cures




Diverticulitis is a condition where the muscle wall of the colon develops hernias or outward pushing pouches.  The muscle wall and tissue becomes stretched, thin and weak.  This is caused when the colon has to push small hardened fecal matter through itself.  The standard American diet is low in fiber and this causes the fecal matter to be hard and compacted.  The laws of physics are at play here.  The pressures of a constricting tubular organ are higher when the diameter of the tube is small.  The hardened pellets of feces that are the remains of fiber deficient white bread, cheese and hamburgers do not fill the colon to a sufficient diameter.  Thus the colon does not have as much leverage and must push harder – work harder. Hernias in the colon wall result.  In advanced stages of the disease, these hernias or “diverticuli” can rupture spilling fecal matter into the abdomen where it can become septic causing death.

It is not inevitable that aging brings on the appearance of diverticular disease.  People living in underdeveloped countries, who still eat their traditional natural diet, are found to have almost no diverticular disease whatsoever.  A diet high in whole food starches, fruits and vegetables give an abundant presence of fiber which maintains low pressure in the colon.

Adding fiber to the diet by eating bran or high fiber foods has reduced or eliminated symptoms of diverticular disease by 90% in many cases where the disease was severe and advanced.  This was true even when recurring bleeding and pain were present.  Eating a high fiber diet will also greatly lessen the chance of having new diverticuli develop.  The diverticuli that have already formed are permanent additions to the colon and will not go away unless they are removed surgically.  Surgery is rarely required. 

Eat a high fiber, starch based diet to get prompt relief from the problem of chronic diverticular disease.  One does not have to stay away from seeds or any other natural foods from plants as these particles will not become trapped in the diverticuli and bring about inflammation.  Diet is the best natural treatment for diverticulitis.  For more information on eating a plant based diet go to the web site of Dr. John McDougall, MD.


Papaya Natural Diverticulitis Remedy

A good natural remedy for diverticulitis is papaya and it is a common aid for digestion. This is the only fruit that has the digestive enzyme papain.  This enzyme will help to clean the entire digestive tract.

Pears can reduce the inflammation in the bowels.  Eat them raw or juice them.  This is a useful diverticulitis natural treatment remedy.


Brown Rice

Most of the rice eaten in the world is white rice.  However, brown rice is much better for the digestive system and the colon in particular.  This is because brown rice has good fiber while white rice has none.  Brown rice is one of the best natural treatments for diverticulitis.


I was in my late 50s and just before I began eating a vegan diet.  My doctor thought I should have a flexible sigmoidoscope exam and I went along with it.  He discovered some polyps and also some herniated pockets called diverticuli.  He had these laid out on a diagram and wanted to do additional testing.  At about that time we found I had some advanced blockages in my coronary arteries.  I read books by Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. John McDougall and changed my way of eating to low fat vegan.  I informed my doctor that I was going to pour myself into my new lifestyle and I wanted to postpone any additional testing for a year.  A year passed and my doctor asked me to have another sigmoidosope examination and I agreed.  He was in there quite a long time with his tube and told me in an apologetic tone that there must be some failure with his scope.  He wanted me back in a week to do the exam again.  When I returned, he took even longer than with the previous “faulty device” exam.  When he was done he informed me that he was astounded to discover there were not more polyps or diverticuli.  These are the same ones he had painstakingly plotted out on a diagram the previous year.  He had thought his scope was faulty because he could find no trace of these.  My diet turned out to be the best natural treatment for my diverticuli and my artery blockages reversed significantly.


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