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Leucoderma Home Remedies, Cures & Natural Treatments 




One of the best and most well-known home remedies for leucoderma is babchi or psoralea seeds.  Steep the seeds in ginger juice for about three days.  Be sure that you change the ginger juice daily.  After the three day steeping is finished, dry the seeds in the shade and rub them with your hands to remove the husks.  Then, crush the seeds into a powder.  Ingest one gram of this powder every day for forty days.  The powder can also be used topically on the white spots where the leucoderma is most noticeable.  You can also combine these seeds with tamarind seeds for an equally effective home remedy.  Steep equal amounts of both kinds of seeds in water for about four days.  Shell and dry the seeds in the same that you did with the babchi seeds that were steeped in ginger juice.  Grind the seed combination into a paste and apply topically to the skin.  This practice should continue for about a week.  Discontinue the treatment immediately if you find that the white spots begin to ooze any type of fluid or become red and inflamed.  You should also discontinue this treatment if the paste causes the white spots to itch. 

* * *

Red Clay

You can try this great natural treatment for leucoderma.  You will need to find the red clay that is on hill slops or river sides.  Mix this clay with ginger juice in equal parts.  Apply the mixture to the white spots on your skin once daily.  This natural treatment is effective because the copper in the red clay helps to naturally restore skin pigmentation.  The ginger juice is also important because it works as a mild stimulant, which increases the blood flow to the spots that need pigmentation.  If you can't find red clay  anywhere, try storing water in a copper container overnight and drinking the water the next day.  This is also a great way to use copper as a natural treatment for leucoderma.

* * *

Radish Seeds

Make a paste from radish seeds to treat leucoderma at home.  Take about an ounce and a half of these seeds and grind into a powder.  Mix the powder with about two teaspoons of vinegar.  Apply the paste directly to the white spots. 

* * *

Goose Foot Herb

Despite its funny name, goose foot is a great vegetable that is extremely beneficial when used to treat leucoderma naturally.  Take the vegetable twice a day.  This should be done in the morning when you first wake up and again before bed time.  Do this daily for two months.  You can also use the juice from the goose foot plant to apply directly to the white spots caused by leucoderma.  These are both excellent home remedies for leucoderma. 

* * *

Turmeric Leucoderma Home Remedy

Another great natural remedy for leucoderma is to mix mustard oil with turmeric.  Soak about 16 ounces of turmeric root in about 6 quarts of water over night.  Pound the turmeric into a powder.  After soaking overnight, boil the turmeric until there is one quart of water left.  Strain the remaining mixture and mix it with about a pint of mustard oil.  Heat the mixture until you see that there is only oil remaining.  Then, strain this leftover mixture and keep it preserved in a bottle.  You should finally apply this mixture to the white spots of the skin twice daily for a few months. 

* * *

Juice Fast

Leucoderma responds very well to this natural treatment.  You should clean the system and the body of all toxins that have built up over time.  A great way to do this is to have the patient undergo a juice fast for a week.  This will help to cleanse the system and reduce any toxins.  After the first week of juice fasting, have the patient start with a restricted diet consisting of whole wheat tortillas, bread, steamed or raw vegetables and fresh fruit.  After a few days of eating these foods, you can have the patient start to add curd and milk to their diet.  Finally, the patient can begin their daily diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.  This should be a well-balanced diet.  It is important to supplement this well-balanced diet with yeast, honey and cold-pressed vegetable oils.  The juice fast can be repeated about every two months.  It is also important that the patient eliminates bottled and tinned foods from their diet.  They will also want to stop eating polished rice, denatured cereals, white flour, sugar, condiments, alcohol, coffee and tea. 

* * *

Wheat Seeds Remedy

Treat your leucoderma at home using this natural remedy.  Plant some red wheat seeds.  When the seedlings are about six inches tall, they are ready to be used.  Pull three seedlings, thoroughly wash them and eat the roots.  Do not cook the roots in any way.  This should be done daily for about a month.

* * *

Diet for Leucoderma

Leucoderma can be naturally treating using a natural diet of sugar beet, tomato, radishes and onions.  You should also increase your physical activities.  Yoga is an excellent choice.  You'll find that leucoderma can be controlled if you are satisfied mentally and have faith that you can beat it. 

* * *

St. John’s Wort

St. John's Wort is an herb that has many wonderful medicinal qualities, but it can also be used to naturally treat leucoderma.  Try taking the herb for about five months because it increases your body's natural photosensitivity.  Your diet should also be well controlled and balanced.  Eat nuts, pulses, vegetables, and fruits.  Try to limit the amount of stress in your life.  It is also helpful to get plenty of rest.  If you're a smoker, you should quit for several reasons, but this is a great reason to quit.  Drinking also adds toxins to your body and should be eliminated.  Vitamin C and vitamin B complex can be a wonderful addition to your diet. 

* * *

Sunlight Remedy

The sun can be beneficial to your skin, but it should be timed properly and you should be sure that you aren't exposing your skin to the UV rays for too long.  Instead, try to get a little bit of sunlight for an hour just after sunrise and for an hour just before sunset.  Wild duckweed and lemna minor should also be used as natural home remedies for leucoderma.  Mix one part honey with lemna minor and take the mixture twice daily.  You can also rub the fresh lemna juice on your white spots.

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