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Crohn's Disease Natural Remedies & Home Treatments


Crohn’s Disease Diet as Natural Remedy

Crohn’s disease can be easily and quickly cured with a change in diet.  Click here to read more about this simple Crohn Disease Natural Remedy.

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Plant Flavonoids

Quercetin is a powerful plant flavonoid and anti-oxidant which is helpful in treating the inflammation of Crohn’s Disease. Lipoic acid is another naturally occurring and powerful anti-oxidant that will help greatly in decreasing the degenerative effects of this disease. Vitmain and mineral supplements should be taken as sufferers of Crohn’s disease often do not eat much and do not absorb nutrients very well from what they do eat.

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Sondra Berk cured her lifelong Crohn's disease by following the McDougall diet (formulated by Dr. John McDougall, MD).  Watch this video as she explains it all.

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One should take astringents like bayberry, marshmallow root and plantain as well as anti-spasmodics such as wild yam.  These will encourage the healing process.  Mix equal parts of bayberry, agrimony, peppermint, wild yam and valerian and take one teaspoon three times daily.  A tea made from chamomile and lemon balm should be taken frequently.

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Tulsi Tea

Known as the most supreme of all medicinal herbs in Indian Ayruvedic medicine, Tulsi (holy basil) has been shown to benefit a wide range of health problems in clinical studies. It has a calming effect and it is the most powerful adaptogen known to man.  This allows the body to adapt to stresses of all types include from injury or disease.  One suffering from Crohn’s disease should drink Tulsi tea frequently. Click here to read more about the Healing Properties of Tulsi Tea.

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Flax Seed Oil and Boswellia

Use flax seed oil (omega-3 fatty acids) and the herb boswellia to reduce inflammation. A probiotic should be taken to replace the microflora in the gut. Cumin and ginger are also helpful.

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