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Abscessed Tooth Home Remedies & Treatments


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Here is a good abscessed tooth home remedy.  A friend told me to crush a standard aspirin then put that on a ball of cotton and then put that on the tooth.



MMS will kill the bacteria and pathogens causing the abscessed tooth.



Use a Scenar device to stop the pain. Go here to read about it.


Clove Oil

My pain has been going on for several days and I am on antibiotics from my dentist.  The one thing I have found that really does it is clove oil. The taste isn’t great but it is awesome for removing the pain.




I found one abscessed tooth ache home treatment that really saved me from my awful pain which is Cepachol maximum numbing cough and sore throat lozenges. These have 10 percent menthol and 20 percent benzocaine. Maybe Chloraseptic Maximum lozenges would do as well.  The pain was awful for days and I went through two tubes of Anbesol oragel.  Maybe I built up a resistance to it because it just quit working. The lozenges would last a long time and give many hours of total pain relief. I would keep one in my mouth for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove it.  The tooth never had any bad pain after that.  I tried really a lot of other things and the lozenges were the only thing that gave many hours of relief instead of a few minutes.


Tea Bag Home Remedy for Abscessed Tooth

I tried quite a few things for my abscessed tooth from hell that didn’t work so well.  I tried the teabag but later realized I wasn’t leaving in there long enough.  I was only doing it for about 10 minutes and that wasn’t enough time to draw out the poison.  So I wetted a tea bag with warm water and put it in between my tooth and my cheek and held it there for about 8 hours.  I would change the tea bag every so often.  The pain disappeared.  It really worked good.



This is an abscessed tooth home remedy you probably haven’t heard of.  I had a throbbing toothache that was getting so bad I was thinking about jumping off a bridge. Finally I decided to act and bought a little Marijuana.  After smoking it the tooth felt much better.



For several days I’ve had 2 abscessed teeth.  Like all the others I tried just about every abscessed tooth home remedy there is.  Today I decided to give Chloraseptic a try.  Get some Chloraseptic for sore throat.  First though brush your teeth and then rinse with a good mouthwash like Listerine.  Then spray the Chloraseptic right onto the abscessed tooth.  Also, I suppose you could use a q-tip or maybe soak a cotton ball and place it right on the tooth because the Chloroseptic that is sprayed right on can wear off fast.  This helps enough to attend the kids and to drop off to sleep.  It probably isn’t going to stop all pain but most of it.



I have been suffering with this abscessed tooth for a good bit of time. It comes and goes. One home remedy that does the trick for the pain is to swish a mouthful of strong drinking alcohol like vodka around the tooth for as long as I can take it.  Then when it gets numb I lay back in a recliner and use a towel wrapped around my head to hold a heating pad up against the side where the abscessed tooth is. I also have used one clove of garlic each day for several days to help remove the infection.  Black tea bags can also help draw out the infection. These are some of the best home remedies for an abscessed tooth.



A good home remedy for a really bad abscessed tooth is to take thin slices of garlic or crushed garlic and place it on the bad tooth or gums around the tooth.  The pain will start to back off in about 5 minutes. Keep this up about every hour for awhile.  At first it will be uncomfortable to hold the garlic on there.  Don’t leave the garlic in there too long or it will really irritate your mouth and tongue.  Rinse your mouth after using the garlic to avoid irritating it.  Clove oil is also good for the pain but sometimes hard to find. Use a Q-tip top put the clove oil right on the abscessed tooth.  To save money on having your tooth fixed, see if there is a dental school nearby.  Usually these are run by a university dental school.  If you live near Mexico you can get a root canal done for less than what it would cost to have the tooth pulled in the states.  The dentists in Mexico are just as good as they are here.



This is a little sideways from a home remedy but if you have an abscessed tooth and it’s the weekend when you can’t get help, check your medicine cabinet or a friend’s for antibiotics like amoxicillin or penicillin or augmentin.  That’s what the dentist will prescribe for you anyway.  Ibuprophen will help too as it is an anti-inflammatory medicine.


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