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Frequent Urination Natural Treatments & Home Remedies



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Cranberry Juice Treatment for Frequent Urination

Frequent urination can be caused by a urinary tract infection.  If this is the case, then drinking lots of cranberry juice can help to reduce the infection.  Be sure that you are drinking 100% juice and not cranberry juice cocktail!

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Yogurt Treatment for Frequent Urination

Plain yogurt is a great treatment for frequent urination.  This kind of yogurt contains a probiotic called Lactobacillus acidophilus.  This probiotic actually helps to inhibit and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in your bladder.  You can also buy a probiotic in capsule form at the health food store.

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Chinese Home Remedies for Frequent Urination

A great herbal remedy that is very effective against frequent urination is alpinia oxyphylla.  A member of the ginger family, alponoa oxyphylla is known throughout Chinese herbal medicinal cultures as Yi Zhi Ren.  This herb enjoys a rich history (it has been used for hundreds of years) of controlling frequent urination.  It is also very effective for treating general bladder control.  The aromatic oil contained in Yi Zhi Ren is thought to have anti-inflammatory effects.  This herb is also used to treat diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.  This is an excellent treatment for frequent urination.

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Another Chinese herb that is known to help treat frequent urination is cornus officinalis.  This herb is more commonly referred to as Shan Zhu Yu in Chinese medicinal culture.  This herb is commonly used to treat incontinence and excessive urination.  This herb contains a variety of minerals, provitamin A, gallic acid, morroniside, ursolic acid and cornin.  These attributes also make Shan Zhu Yu effective at treating heavy menstrual bleeding.  It is also thought to support the immune system as well. 

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Schisandra chinensis (more commonly known as Wu Wei Zi) has a reputation throughout Chinese medicine as an effective treatment for frequent urination.  As a member of the adaptogen family, it belongs to this elite group of compounds that help to regulate and balance the body's functions.  When used in combination with alpinia oxyphylla, the formulas of both are amplified and their effects of treating frequent urination are even greater.  Wu Wei Zi has also been used to alleviate exhaustion and promote energy.  This herb contains essential minerals, vitamins and oils, gomisin A, wuweizuC and the ligans schizandrin.  Schisandra has also been shown to help hepatitis patients, as results of several modern Chinese research have proven.

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A Brazilian herb known as passiflora incarnata is known to be rich in flavone glycosides and alkaloids.  This herb is known to be used by Native Americans for various conditions that are associated with inflammation.  The anti-spasmodic effects of this herb are thought to help reduce frequent urination.  The effects of passiflora incarnata can be amplified by combining this herb with valeriana officinalis.

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Diet as Frequent Urination Home Remedy

Perhaps one of the most effective home remedies for frequent urination is to keep to a restricted and very bland diet.  Do not consume artificial colors, preservatives, spicy foods, acidic foods, alcohol or caffeine.  This will greatly help your frequent urination.

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