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Jet Lag Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Jet lag is a common problem we all experience when traveling.  The longer or farther away you travel the worst it gets.  I suggest that when you fly in a plane; you try to move around as much as possible.  Also, avoid having any alcoholic drinks.  If you have any beverages; have juice, water or tea instead.  Also, try to keep yourself busy by reading a book, or listening to music.  These are all good methods of providing your own natural remedy for jet lag.


Sleep as Jet Lag Natural Remedy

To help avoid the onset of jet lag; be sure to get lots of rest the night before you travel.


A natural remedy for jet lag is using a little common sense before deciding to travel.  For instance, don’t travel if you are experiencing sickness, colds, the flu, or any type of ear problems.


A good approach to take when anticipating jet lag is to fly during the daytime if possible.  This is sort of a natural remedy for jet lag that I find useful.


Melatonin Home Remedy for Jet Lag

If you travel a lot and have problems with jet lag, I have a great home remedy for jet lag that has really helped me.  I take a dose of melatonin during the time of traveling.  You can get it in tablets or in liquid form.  About one half to three mg is the recommended dosage.  In the beginning, try it at home for sleep to determine your comfort level.



This is a suggestion to combat jet lag regarding the use of caffeine.  Starting three days before flying, only drink coffee in the afternoon between 3:00 and 4:30 p.m.  The day prior to your flight, only have coffee between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.  On the day that you have your flight, have two to three cups of coffee before 11:30 a.m. and don’t have any the rest of the day.  This natural home remedy for jet lag uses caffeine as a body regulator to help prepare your body for the upcoming travel.  It is actually effective and you should give it a try.


When trying to combat jet lag, set your watch to the new destination you’re headed to.  Try to acclimate yourself to the time change by keeping mentally active about a half hour before the time you would eat breakfast at the place you’re going to be arriving at.  This is a simple natural remedy for jet lag that can be done very easily.


Meal Times

To help with avoiding jet lag conditions, if you’re flying to your destination and the fellow passengers are having breakfast; pass it up.  Wait to have breakfast at the time of breakfast for the place you’re going to.  Also, if you arrive to your destination before lunch time; don’t eat a late breakfast.  You should wait until it is lunch time at the new place you’ve arrived at.


Scheduling as Jet Lag Natural Home Remedy

There are some helpful tips or natural remedies for jet lag that I’ll share with you.  One of these includes keeping to a schedule.  Weeks if possible, or even a few days before your scheduled time to leave, try to maintain a consistent schedule with your time.  Don’t stay up later than normal before leaving to go somewhere.  Try to keep your internal body clock in sync.  Also, the few nights before you leave; try to get about an extra fifteen minutes of sleep.


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