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Endometriosis Natural Cures & Home Remedies



I have suffered with endometriosis for a long time now.  Fortunately, my only real symptom has been nausea.  I know it could be a lot worse; but, I still am tired of the nausea and want to be rid of it.  I recently was told of a natural cure for endometriosis.  I gave it a try and was surprised at how effective it was for me.  I simply prepare myself a nice hot cup of ginger tea, and I’m feeling better shortly after I start to drink it.  So, this is a recommendation that I have for you.  I hope it provides some relief for you!


I know that having endometriosis is not a walk in the park for anyone.  One of the symptoms that are common and one with which I have pain with is in my lower abdominal area.  When I feel this pain starting to come on, I get an ice pack or a heating pad and put them on my lower abdomen.  Either one will provide some relief; but, what I do is to alternate between the two.  I start out by putting the ice pack to my abdomen, then after about fifteen minutes, I switch to the heating pad for about fifteen minutes.  I continue this routine until I feel enough relief and am able to go on and to something else.   This is a great endometriosis home remedy.


This is for all of you out there who are suffering with having endometriosis.  Whether you have cramping, pain during urination, or other symptoms, I have a natural cure for endometriosis that was passed on to me.  This approach is through the use of juices.  It is a juice therapy approach.  You need to drink mango, pineapple, papaya, and dark grape juice daily.  You can drink these separately, or in a combined mixture.  If you can’t get all the different kinds of fruit drink, drink as many of them as you can.  You should drink a glass throughout the day until the symptoms subside.

I’ve been suffering with the pain of having endometriosis for eight years now.  Until recently, I endured a lot of abdominal pain, and pain during intercourse, and urination.  I never know when an episode is going to appear; but, when it does, I’m more than ready for it to go away.  I have my own type of natural cure for endometriosis that I’ve used that seems to provide some relief.  I go to the local grocery store and get some fruits and vegetables; then, when I get home I put them into the juicer and have some raw fruit and vegetable juice.  The choice of fruits or what type of vegetable is totally up to you.  You can even drink pre-maid vegetable and fruit juices.  I would recommend drinking some that are as natural as possible without additives, sugars, etc. 


Whether it’s the cramping, painful urination, or lower abdominal pain; the time for symptoms of endometriosis to go away is never soon enough.  I’ve had to deal with endometriosis for years now, and I’ve come across some form of treatment that may be of some help.  There are actually some herbs that you can take that will help relieve some of the symptoms.  These herbs include:  false unicorn, chaste berry, cramp bark, and cohosh.  This is a good home remedy for endometriosis.


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