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Hysteria Natural Remedies, Home Remedies & Natural Treatments




First it is important to recognize that hysteria is a documented mental disorder. It is based on emotional conflict that is usually unconscious and the result of bottling up feelings and not communicating with anyone about feelings or problems. People who experience hysteria often do not even admit to themselves that they have problems. What happens is that the bottled up emotions become so big that they eventually result in a physical form of hysteria. Hysteria can manifest in many various ways including fever, severe digestive disorders and occasionally paralysis. There are cases on record where some people went deaf or blind due to hysteria. The best home remedy for hysteria is counseling with a qualified educated counselor and also healthy living habits. The better we take care of ourselves physically and emotionally the more healthy and happy we will be. Repressing emotions is extremely hard on our physical bodies as well as our emotional body. For this I would recommend books by Pema Chodron and also she has CDs.



Sitting down to meditate for even 5 minutes a day will do wonders to calm the mind and keep it on an even keel.  Just sit comfortably with your spine errect and watch your breath for 5 minutes.  If you mind wanders off, don't worry, just come back to the breath.  Eventually, like any skill, you will get better and better at this.  Then you will begin to naturally enjoy meditating for longer periods. Try to do this in the same place at the same time every day. 


Jambul Fruit

There is a fruit that is known to be an effective natural remedy for the treatment of hysteria. Take a cup of this fruit mixed in a large container of water with a little salt then place this container outside in the sun for one week. If someone is suffering from bouts of hysteria give them a cup of this drink on an empty stomach. It is suggested that you continue this treatment for two weeks.


Honey Hysteria Natural Treatment

Hysteria condition has been treated effectively by using the natural treatment of honey. Menstruation and insanity are both causes of hysteria. Honey works very well in treatment of both. Honey helps a woman to cleanse her body during menstruation and helps to keep the body temperature regulated. Hysteria impacts people especially women between the ages of fourteen and twenty five. Hysteria is always curable so do not give up hope!


Avoid Intoxicants

It is critical that anyone suffering from hysteria completely avoid alcohol, drugs, tobacco and any other intoxicant. The best home remedy for hysteria is to eat a healthy diet, exercise and get adequate rest. Also find someone you trust and feel close to that you can communicate with. It is important to not lock away our feelings and emotions. Repressing our emotions is very unhealthy for us. Meditation is also a wonderful healing thing to do. No matter what stay away from intoxicants!


Lettuce Juice Natural Remedy

Hysteria is a very difficult and uncomfortable problem for anyone who is afflicted with this mental disorder. All the natural remedies I have found for treating hysteria emphasize a healthy diet and avoidance of emotional repression. Another wonderful natural remedy for hysteria is a drink made with lettuce juice mixed with a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry. Make sure you drink this solution each morning upon waking.


Honey Hysteria Natural Treatment

A natural treatment for hysteria is a tablespoon of honey each day.



I feel so bad for anyone who has suffered from hysteria because it is really awful. My mother thought I had this condition when I was younger and made me ingest asafetida every day. I now feel much better and have to say it is probably due to the asafetida.


Rauwolfia Root

My aunt used to suffer from hysteria and her natural remedy for this was to make a drink of rauwolfia root mixed in almond or soy milk twice a day.


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