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Fungus Home Remedies & Natural Treatments



Aloe Vera

A great way to treat a fungus infection with a home remedy is to drink aloe vera.  While this is typically a treatment that is applied topically, aloe vera can be ingested by making a juice from the plant leaves.  The plant leaves can be purchased at health food stores, or grown at home.  To make the juice, simply remove the gel and mix the remaining juice with another type of fruit or vegetable juice of your liking.

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There's a very easy way to get rid of toenail fungus.  First, you'll need an over the counter herbal nail application that is used to treat fungal infections.  It should contain tea tree oil, lavender or the antiseptic called thymol.  The second ingredient that you'll need is any antifungal medication that is in liquid form.  The final tool to fight this infection is a very thin injection needle.  To effectively treat the fungus, you'll first need to mix some of the herbal nail application with the liquid anti-fungal medication.  Once the liquids are thoroughly mixed, inject the mixture underneath the infected nail while holding the toe upright.  If you put the needle under the nail slowly, it will cause less pain.  Once you begin to feel pain, you have the needle too far under the nail.  Be sure to keep your toes and feet very clean while you're treating for fungus.  This treatment should be done about twice daily, but it can be done as often as you please.  It's also wise to perform this treatment after bathing, as this is when the feet will be their most clean.  This is one of the best home remedies for toenail fungus.

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Listerine Home Remedy for Fungus

Feet that have been infected with fungus can be soaked in Listerine mouthwash for approximately 20 minutes every two days.  This will quickly and effectively treat the fungus. 

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Any fungal treatment that you try will not work properly unless the nails are properly cared for.  Be sure to keep nails short.  Nails should also be filed weekly.  Any toes that are infected with fungus should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and allowed to air dry.  Once dried, apply tea tree oil to the nails and allow to air dry again.  Once they are dried after the tea tree oil has been applied, apply a generous amount of vapor rub to the feet.  If at all possible, wear sandals instead of closed shoes.  Sandals allow the feet to breathe and prevent sweat from building up in the shoes, which only creates a breeding ground for fungus to thrive.  When you're done with all nail maintenance, it's important to remember to disinfect all tools used to care for your nails.  Disinfect any nail cutters that have been used.  Also, only use emery boards once.  While this may seem wasteful, it's important not to use the emery boards on healthy nails, as this can spread the fungus to healthy nails.  You can begin to re-use emery boards once nails have been restored to a healthy state and all fungus has been eradicated. 

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Apple Cider Vinegar Epsom Salt Home Remedies for Fungus

A simple soak can work wonders for feet if they're infected with athlete's foot, which is a common fungal infection.  To make this simple fungus home remedy, combine three cups of  hot water (use a temperature that is as hot as you can stand) with one cup of apple cider vinegar and a half of a cup of Epsom salt.  Mix the ingredients together until they are thoroughly combined.  Once incorporated well, soak your feet for about thirty minutes every day.  After about 10 days, you'll notice that any signs of athlete's foot should disappear.  Toes will show a large improvement in approximately one month.  After about ninety days, your toes should be almost fully clear of any signs of fungus.  While this treatment can be time consuming, it works very well.  To effectively treat every day, simply try to soak your feet while watching television or surfing the web.  Any time you have about half an hour to relax, try to soak your feet then. 


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