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Glaucoma Natural Treatments, Remedies & Cures



Diet as Natural Treatment for Glaucoma

In the medical publication, the Archives of Ophthalmology, June 2004 issue, it was reported by Gerald McGwin that long time use of oral medications that reduce cholesterol levels (statins) might lower the chance of developing the most prevalent type of glaucoma (open-angle) in Western cultures.  This is especially true for persons with a history of elevated cholesterol and/or heart disease.  The benefits might be caused by an improvement in the flow of blood to the eyes and the flow of ocular fluids in the eye.

In the USA about 2.2 million persons over the age of forty develop glaucoma, and out of this group, as many as 120,000 develop blindness because of the disease.  With glaucoma, there is a build up of fluid which raises the fluid pressure within the eye.  This can damage the optic nerve in time. As the optic nerve is damaged from this elevated pressure, loss of vision due to open-angle glaucoma may occur.

Dr. John McDougall, MD, reports having personal exchange with an ophthalmologist friend regarding her experiences and conclusions about diet as a natural treatment for glaucoma and elevated eye pressure.  She discovered that eye pressure is lowered with a healthier diet in the same way that blood pressure is lowered with a healthy diet (low-fat, plant-based).  These discoveries have yet to be published but the article in the Archives indicating a protective activity from statins should encourage anyone with glaucoma to look at a healthy diet as a way to both treat and prevent glaucoma.  Meanwhile, if you have glaucoma and have modified your diet to a low-fat, plant-based regime, there is a very good chance you will be able to reduce the application of eye pressure lowering drops.  Monitor your eye pressure and make suitable adjustments in your medications according to your doctor’s supervision.  You can do a search for Dr. John McDougall to get excellent information on a plant-based, low-fat diet.  He has videos and books and I highly highly recommend them if you have glaucoma. 


Avoid Caffeine

Recently, a scientific study looked at the effect of caffeine on eye fluid pressure (Ann Pharmacother, 2002;36:992-5).  Consuming decaffeinated and standard coffee (3.6 mg and 180 mg per 200 mL respectively) was compared.  Standard coffee caused a 3 mm Hg increase in eye pressure in one hour.  This magnitude of increase in eye pressure is clinically significant.  It should be noted that the amount of increase in eye pressure is dependent upon how much caffeine is consumed.  According to what we know, large amounts of caffeine are definitely not good for glaucoma.  We may debate whether or not small amounts of caffeine are acceptable but anyone suffering from the disease will be well served to consider avoiding all caffeine.  If caffeine is consumed, it could be limited to green or black tea having smaller amounts of caffeine and also have the benefit of flavonoids which are antioxidants having a good effect on the heart and eyes.



Some studies indicate that specific dietary supplements may lower fluid pressure in the eyes.  Among these are high doses of vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids (flax seed oil) and lipoic acid



There has been one double-blind, placebo regulated trial which indicated the use of gingko extract taken at 120 mg each day for eight weeks significantly improved eye-sight in persons with glaucoma.


Once again my unified theory has new evidence... Here is a report that shows a strong relationship between glaucoma and small strokes, ones that may go unnoticed. From the July issue of Ophthalmology: http://www.healthday.com/Article.asp?AID=628571  Strokes are a symptom of our Western diet.  It has been shown that a plant-based, low-fat diet significantly reduces the possibility of strokes and/or heart disease.  Improving your overall health through diet is one of the best natural remedies for glaucoma.


Bilberry & Rutin

The last time I had an exam my eye pressure readings were on the high edge at 23 and 25.  I then went through all kinds of tests and they told me to come back in a month.  So I got on the internet and liked what I read about 1000 mg of Bilberry and 500 mg of Rutin each day.  Right away I started taking these and resumed rebounding for ten minutes every day as I seemed to recall in the back of my mind that rebounding was an aid to balancing fluids in the body.  A month later at my next exam, my pressure numbers were 16 and 18.  As you might guess the doctor would not admit that anything I had done had brought on the improvement. This is one of the best natural treatments for glaucoma.


A very good natural cure for glaucoma is eyebright herb.  It can be taken as a tea several times a day.


Cayenne as Natural Home Remedy for Glaucoma

Cayenne is a well known anti-inflammatory.  You can make eyedrops from distilled water and cayenne in a very diluted form so as to avoid undue discomfort and burning.  It will improve the flow of blood to the eyes. This is a good home remedy for glaucoma.


Billberry protects and strengthens blood vessels. It also protects the retina and reduces fluid pressure in glaucoma.



Coleus drops can be put directly into the eyes to promote blood flow to the eyes and thus lower eye fluid pressure.


Fennel as Natural Treatment for Glaucoma

Fennel is well known for treating problems with the eyes.  When snakes molt, the are blinded temporarily and will consume fennel to regain their eyesight.  Fennel can be eaten in its raw form or brewed into a tea which is then used as an eyewash.  This is a great natural treatment for glaucoma.



Jaborandi (pilocarpus jaborandi) is a plant that grows in the Amazon basin.  In 1876 chemists succeeded in islolating the pilocarpine alkaloid which was then provided to doctors to use for the treatment of glaucoma. The combination of pilocarpine and another natural plant product, physostigmine, survives to this day as a commonly used ophthalmologic medicine.  Pilocarpine eye drops are still prescribed world wide as a glaucoma natural treatment.


Stop smoking because it more than doubles the possibility of macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.  It does so by causing stress on the macula nerve cells and lowering the amount of blood circulation.


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