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Mange Home Remedies and Natural Treatments


Peroxide, Tea and Vinegar

Our yellow lab will occasionally develop mange at the base of his tail.  Whenever this happens, we'll mix up a batch of our home brew cure.  To make this, we mix equal parts peroxide, tea and vinegar.  This is a great mange home remedy that works especially well as soon as it is applied to the affected area.  This helps my dog's mange and stops the itching and soothes his skin.  Within a few days, his mange is healed and the hair will start to grow back. 

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Get rid of mange easily with MMS or Master Mineral Solution. It is cheap and commonly available. This is the most effective most powerful, anti-parasite, antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to animal cells and has no known side effects. Go here to find out about MMS.

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When my Chihuahua was diagnosed with mange, we were told by the vet that it was a demodex mange.  Hydrogen peroxide and borax mixtures didn't work.  Not only were the treatments ultimately ineffective, but this made her skin incredible dry.  Finally, I found that the local farm store carried something called Nu-Stock.  This is a great home cure for mange that contains sulfur.  We only had to apply it to the mange about three times and it worked incredibly well.  Simply apply the Nu-Stock to the affected area and allow it to sit on the skin for a few minutes, then bathe your animal to wash it off.  The solution doesn't smell too great, but it is very cheap and works without any issues.  You should see an improvement in a few days.

* * *

Tea Tree Oil 

My miniature pinscher developed mange on his face.  Someone told me about a simple home cure of using tea tree shampoo that's used for humans, and then follow with the aqueous tea tree oil that is an antiseptic mixture directly on the affected area.  This should be done daily for three days.  After just one day and one application, I was able to see a huge difference in his infection.  After doing this for a few days, I was able to find that there was no sign of a mange infection at all. 

* * *

Borax, Warm Water and Hydrogen Peroxide

A great natural remedy for mange can be used on both dogs and cats.  Simply mix four cups of warm water with eight ounces of hydrogen peroxide and eight tablespoons of Borax.  Mix this together in a large bucket and have a sponge on hand.  Mix the borax with warm water, then add the hydrogen peroxide later.  Apply the mixture to the pet with your sponge and allow it to completely soak your pet.  You will want to soak not only the area that as been affected with mange, but the entire body of your pet.  Allow the solution to dry and do not rinse.  This should be repeated every two days for about two weeks.  Continue this as needed until the mange as subsided.

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After soaking your dog with peroxide, vinegar and borax you will want to soak your dog in a soothing bath.  This simple home remedy will also help with the mange.  In a spray bottle, mix the vinegar peroxide and water and then spray on your pet.  You will also want to rub Destin all over your bet, as this is especially helpful for a pet infected with mange.  Your pet will be comforted by the soothing mist of the spray bottle and you'll also see that the secret addition is the Destin applied to your pet's skin.  Your pet will thank you for this easy home remedy!

* * *

Listerine and Baby Oil

One of the best home treatments for mange is to pour Listerine mouthwash all over your pet.  Rub the mouthwash into the skin thoroughly.  Once this has properly soaked into the skin, rub baby oil into the skin.  This should quickly clear the mange in about three to four days.

* * *

Natural Foods

Zinc is an excellent natural remedy for mange.  This is because when it is orally ingested, zinc tends to have a quick healing effect on the skin.  Try eating copious amounts of zinc every day to get rid of mange.  When taken every day, it can work as a wonderful preventative measure, as scientists have found that it can keep the parasite from entering the skin.  Vegetarians tend take in less zinc than individuals that eat meat.  Try to eat foods like wheat (bran and germ) and seeds (mustard, celery, alfalfa, poppy and sesame).  Other foods that contain lots of zinc are black currants, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, whole grains, almonds, nuts and beans.  Other great sources of zinc include dairy products like cheese, milk and yogurt.  Potatoes, brown rice, wholegrain cereals, beans, peanuts and yeast are all also excellent choices.  These are all amazing natural remedies for mange. 

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Home Ointment

My two sharpeis developed terrible skin problems.  My family tried lots of different natural remedies and nothing would work.  Our poor dogs were shaking uncontrollably, biting themselves, scratching, chewing and itching.  One our dogs even had such an awful infection of mange, we were close to putting the poor animal to sleep just to end his misery.  Finally, someone suggested this amazing home treatment to me.  I mixed an entire tube of Destin ointment with one shot glass full of olive oil, one entire jar of coco butter and one entire tube of A & D Ointment.  Simply mix all of the ingredients together and slather onto your dog.  It's a good idea to put a cone around your dog's neck so that they don't lick the solution and make themselves sick.  It's also a good idea to keep your dog in a crate when you are giving them this treatment and only let them outside when they need to go to the bathroom.  After approximately three days, you'll notice a great improvement in your dog's skin.  They should be completely healed in about three to four weeks.  The hair will grow back as well, and you should see full improvement within seven months.

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Coconut Oil

Some home treatments for mange are dangerous and potentially lethal for your pet.  When a strange substance is slathered all over them, it's natural for them to try to lick it off.  To avoid this and still properly treat your pet for mange, try the easy natural treatment of coconut oil.  To get the most benefits from this treatment, be sure that you apply the coconut oil several times a day.  Coconut oil is not only great for the skin, but it is especially effective when used to kill mange because mange doesn't do well in oily environments.  This is one of my favorite natural treatments for mange because it works very well, is very easy to do and is safe for my pet if they decide to lick the oil off. 

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