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Mucus Home Remedies & Natural Cures


Honey and Ginger

A great home remedy for mucus is to try combining a spoonful of honey with some freshly grated ginger.  Try eating one spoonful daily, and this will really help to naturally clear up excess mucus. 

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Scenar Device

Use a Scenar electro-stimulation device to relieve excess mucus and promote health and healing. Developed in Russia and tested on 18,000 persons in clinical trials. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.

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Get relief from infection related excess mucus with MMS or Master Mineral Solution. It is cheap and commonly available. This is the most effective most powerful antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to human cells and has no known side effects. Go here to find out about MMS.

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When the body, or any living thing, is connected to the earth, the result is powerful and profound healing benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and generally promotes the healing of all manner of diseases. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here


Spicy Foods

Try eating spicy foods like chili peppers, wasabi, and cayenne pepper.  Adding these foods to some of your favorite recipes helps the body to release the mucus build up that is so uncomfortable. 

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Drink Fluids

While this may sound counterintuitive, you need to be sure that you're drinking plenty of fluids.  Drinking lots of water will actually help the mucus to pass through your body more easily and will help to clear your throat.  Give your increased intake of fluids a healthy boost by adding vitamins C, E and Zinc. 

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Steam Inhalation

Boil some water and inhale the steam.  Put a towel over your head and bowl to trap the steam. Be sure not to get too close to the boiling water, but close enough to achieve the benefits of the steam!

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Blow Your Nose

Lots of mucus is just uncomfortable, but it can become even worse when it is draining down the back of your throat.  Prevent this by blowing your nose frequently. 

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Saltwater Gargle

Gargle with warm water with some salt added to it.  Be sure not to swallow it!

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Eucalyptus Oil

If you have a vaporizer, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water.  This will create a wonderful smell and will also really help to relieve congestion and loosen any built up phlegm. 

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Limit Fried Foods, Meat, and Dairy Products

Fried foods, meat, and dairy products all increase phlegm production in the body.  If you have a problem with too much phlegm accumulating in the body, try to avoid these foods and you'll see results.  These foods should largely be avoided anyway, but it's nice to know that this is another great reason to do so!

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Hot Liquids

Herbal tea, chicken broth and other hot liquids are great natural remedies to treat accumulated phlegm.  These hot liquids work well because they help the body to break up the mucus and moisten and clean out the airways. 

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Turmeric in Rice Milk

Cow’s milk really does increase the amount of phlegm in the body.  Instead switch to rice milk or almond milk.  Add a teaspoon of turmeric to half of a glass of one of these milks.  Turmeric is great for fighting infection, and an infection is likely what is causing your body to produce so much mucus.

* * *

Limit Exposure to Irritants

Mucus can be caused not only by an infection, but it can be caused by irritants in the air that you breathe.  Try to stay away from cigarette smoke, chemical, paint fumes, household cleaners, or any other irritants that may increase your body's production of mucus. 

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Homeopathic Remedies

Try a homeopathic remedy to clear up mucus.  Homeopathic remedies are great because they encourage the body to heal quickly.  You can try Kali bich, Kali sulph and Kali mur to treat mucus and help the body control its production.  These remedies are also wonderful when used to relieve coughing spells and to clear up a congested chest. 

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Ginger and Black Pepper

Phlegm is often combined with cough and congestion.  Clear all of these awful plagues with a simple home remedy.  Boil 2-4 teaspoons of black pepper with a small piece of ginger in some clean, filtered water.  Allow the mixture to boil for about two to three minutes.  Then, pour the water through a strainer into a mug.  Add a tablespoon of honey to the water and drink.

* * *

Silver Biotics

When your mucus problem is being caused by post nasal drip, try using Silver Biotics.  This is a great colloidal silver that's a great home remedy for treating mucus.  You can then make your own homemade nasal spray with the solution. 

* * *

Homemade Gargle

Here's a great home remedy to get rid of mucus.  Mix one third part apple cider vinegar with two third parts cold water.  Gargle the solution and then bend over as long as you can.  Stay bent over for at least three minutes.  Try to hold onto your ankles while you bend over to really reap the benefits.  When you are bent over, try to keep your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth every few seconds.  This is advantageous because the apple cider vinegar acts like a sponge in your throat and soaks up the mucus.  The effects of the gravity from when you bend over will allow the mucus to move back to your mouth so that it can be absorbed.  This should be done at least three times until you feel that the mucus has been completely removed from your body.  If your throat feels bothered at the end, you should soothe it with a honey or lemon drop.

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Mix two tablespoons of turmeric with equal parts apple cider vinegar.  Mix this together in a tea.  Drink a cup of this enhanced tea every hour.  You should feel a relief in mucus in about eight hours.  Turmeric is a wonderful natural remedy for mucus. 

* * *

Lemon and Honey

The best way to get rid of phlegm is to get the body to expel it.  Speed the process along with this simple natural remedy. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with two teaspoons of honey.  Drink the mixture three times a day. 

* * *

Water, Lemon and Honey

If you are suffering from post-nasal drip and lots of mucus, try this easy home remedy.  Mix a tablespoon of honey with a cup of water.  Boil them with one tablespoon of pure lemon juice.  Stir the mixture until the honey is dissolved.  Allow the mixture to cool to a warm, but tolerable temperature and then drink it.  You should do this several times a day.  Be sure to drink lots of water in conjunction with this wonderful mucus home remedy.  

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