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Spider Removal Natural Home Remedies


Chili Powder Spider Removal

One night I woke up in  excruciating pain with m hand beginning to swell i barely got my wedding wing off. By 9am it was three times normal size. I'm from pa and it was a rainy night with flooding. since there was no signs of trama and my doctor locates two tiny puncture marks, the deduction probably a poisonous young spider. Fortunate for me he thinks it was only a young one no other symptom but pain and swelling in my house. Said don't think possible, using ortho max bug and spider spray in  and out of house faithfully. He gave me an old method since nothing else worked so gave it a try, u buy a huge canister of dried chili placed and sprinkle it generously around you foundation. Then you take a tube muscle cream (the type with capsacin in it) Mix in spray bottle four cups water and spray foundation, and basement walls. Mix as much as you need. Just be careful children do not and pets do not touch walls. If fido eats the pepper flakes outside don't worry all natural maybe just a tummy ache. I tried this no spiders for 30 days, give it a shot let me know maybe ill market the kit.   Theresa 9-28-2011



Dr. Bronner's

To get rid of spiders in your house start by purchasing an eight ounce bottle of Dr. Bronner’s lavender or peppermint soap or you can use any other brand of natural soap.  At the drug store or online you can buy essential oils (real oil pressed from plants and flowers – synthetic fragrance).  You can use citronella, lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, lemon or tea tree oil.  Any of these oils will kill spiders and also it will kill other insects on contact.  Add 5 tbs of the liquid soap in a quart of water plus one or two drops of any of the above essential oils. 


Chestnuts Spider Removal Home Remedy

I live in a very wooded location with what I refer to as man-eating spiders.  The wolf spiders here get really big!  Around the exterior walls of every room and also on the window sills, I put chestnuts.  I have some friends who live in the city and they have a balcony which they share with the apartment next door.  They put chestnuts under their sliding door that leads out onto their balcony.  They have had no spiders at all and their neighbors have been infested.  I have also read in several places about the use of chestnuts as a spider removal home remedy.



Boil a gallon of water and take it off the fire and dump in a package of chewing tobacco or pipe tobacco and let it cool down.  Pour the concoction through a strainer and to clean it.  Now mix together a cup of this tobacco juice and a half cup of lemon dish soap into a hose sprayer.  Two years ago I did this at our house and have seen very few spiders since then.  I works on different types of bugs as well.  I have a friend who is a master gardener who gave me this home remedy and I am eternally grateful because we were being overrun by spiders.


Lemon Pledge

Here is a spider removal home remedy I learned from the fellow who was a spider trainer for the Arachnophobia movie.  Spiders don’t taste with their mouth, they taste with the ends of their legs.  Also they have a definite distaste for lemon pledge.  Use this to dust your doorframes and windowsills inside and out and also any other areas that they might congregate.  The spiders will go somewhere else.


Diatomaceous Earth

You can dramatically cut down on the number of spiders in your house by using diatomaceous earth (DE) to dust all corners, crevices and the places beneath beds and furniture.  This is a natural mineral dust with very tiny, very sharp particles.  When spiders walk across it or touch it, they dry out and are dead in a few days.  DE will also control a lot of other crawling insects that might want to come into your home.  It works on cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas and carpenter ants.  DE works best on insects that are under constant moisture stress.  This is the normal condition for spiders and other insects that crawl in from outdoors.  The technique is to spread DE in everyplace they might crawl. A good place is under your dressers - dust it all over under there. DE will be effective indefinitely as long as it remains dry. You can by DE at stores that carry organic pest control products,  It is commonly used in organic gardens to control pests.  Watch for a product that states it is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute.  Some products come already packaged in a bottle that allows you to puff the powder into cracks and crevices.  You can also purchase a small hand held puffer.  Some pool supply companies sell DE as they use it in pool maintenance.  Lowe’s and Home Depot also sell it in their garden section.  Most garden supply stores sell it.  It is so non-toxic humans can even eat it!  Great if you have children and pets. I think this is the best home remedy for spiders.

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