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Osteoporosis Natural Treatments & Home Remedies


Eat Healthy to Avoid Osteoporosis

One good natural treatment for osteoporosis is to eat the right food. Most people believe that eating dairy products and other animal proteins will keep them from losing bone mass. This idea is actually incorrect and the animal proteins will contribute to osteoporosis.  Eating too much protein makes the blood acidic (proteins are made out of amino acids).  The body likes to be slightly alkaline and so it pulls calcium from the bones to bind up and eliminate the excess acid.  It is a hard cold fact that countries that eat the most dairy have the highest hip fracture rates.  You can look at a chart of this and the hip fracture rate follows the dairy consumption right up the line. You should stay away from any animal proteins as much as possible. There are ample proteins in grains, legumes and vegetables.  Click here to read about Plenty of Protein in a Vegan Diet.  When you’re diagnosed with osteoporosis you should eat more vegetables, fruit, and starches. These food groups will give you all the nutrients and minerals that your body will need to strengthen your bones. You should also stay away from salt and sugar because they both cause you to gain weight. Most foods that are processed contain both salt and sugar. It is best to make meals out of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains because then you can avoid ingesting the extra salt, sugar and chemical additives so often found in processed foods.  This is by far the best natural treatment and home remedy for osteoporosis.  Milk and milk products are dangerous.



No Caffeine

By quitting caffeine you will be able to improve your chances of defeating your osteoporosis. Caffeinated products often contain high amounts of sugar and can this extra sugar can cause you to gain weight. Caffeine also will dehydrate you by taking away water from your body, which means your body will have less blood flow and less blood cells. This can also cause your bones to lose mass and make them fragile. Caffeine drinks are things such as coffee, energy drinks and soda. Make sure to cut these items out of your diet so that way you can keep your body hydrated, and your blood flowing to keep your bones from losing mass.



When you don’t get enough water in your diet you tend to lose bone mass. This is because your body needs water to increase blood flow and to produce blood cells to aide in the strengthening of your bones.  On a daily basis you should drink at least eighty ounces of water if not more. Eighty ounces may sound like a lot but it is only ten eight ounce glasses. So if you drink ten to fifteen eight ounces of water a day you should be good to go. Make sure to use this natural cure every day so that you won’t lose bone mass.


Muscle Tone

When you are suffering from osteoporosis you should build up your muscle tone so that you can also strengthen your bones. The best work out for muscle building is light weight lifting repetitions such as curls and bench lifting. Make sure when you weight lift you don’t lift your max weight but a weight that you are comfortable with. When building your muscles up make sure that you exercise the specific muscle groups every other day so that you do not overstress your body. 


Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the best home remedies for osteoporosis. Peanut butter contains magnesium, which is essential in building up bone strength. Magnesium also helps maintain bone mass and helps rebuild bones. You should eat two table spoons of peanut butter each day which will give fifty milligrams of magnesium, which you need every day to improve your osteoporosis. When buying peanut butter you should buy natural and organic for the best results. You can find most natural and organic peanut butter at most health food stores in your town.



One great ingredient for osteoporosis is vinegar. It aides in the reconstruction of bone mass and helps keep your bones strong. Vinegar pulls calcium out of vegetables, so adding a little splash of vinegar to your salad or steamed veggies is a wonderful way to help prevent osteoporosis. By using this natural remedy every time you eat veggies you will be able to give yourself some natural calcium that is found in plants, which is the best type.


Pineapple Juice

 Pineapple juice is one of the most effective home remedies for osteoporosis and can be used to keep osteoporosis away. Pineapple juice contains magnesium which is great at building and strengthening bones. You should drink one eight ounce glass of pineapple juice every day so you can get the recommended amount of magnesium. Make sure that you use one hundred percent pineapple juice; this means that there is no added sugar or additives in it. When looking for pure pineapple juice you can normally find it at most health food stores or in the health food section of your local grocery stores.  You can also make the juice by juicing pineapples; make sure that the pineapples are organic so you can get the highest quality of juice.



Vitamin C is one the best minerals that you can use to fight osteoporosis. The best way to obtain vitamin C is by drinking orange juice on a daily basis. You should drink one to two eight ounce glasses of orange juice every day. Make sure to buy a name brand like simply orange, to get the best results from this natural treatment.


No Dairy Home Remedy for Osteoporosis

Many people believe that drinking milk and eating other dairy products will give you calcium, but they are wrong. Instead you are only consuming fat and animal protein which can cause you to gain weight. Stay away from dairy and you will for sure have an easier life without osteoporosis.



Eating apples every day is a great way to naturally cure your osteoporosis. Apples contain boron which is a building block in the strengthening of your bones. It will also help you maintain your estrogen balance. It is important to keep your estrogen balance because estrogen helps keep your bones strong and when you have osteoporosis you lose estrogen. Make sure when you are choosing your apples that they are organic so that way you won’t be ingesting chemicals and pesticides  that can cause issues with your estrogen.



One of the most natural treatments for osteoporosis is potassium. Potassium is an important mineral used for the building and strengthening of bones and it is so important to obtain potassium in your diet every day. The most natural way to obtain potassium is by eating bananas every day. Not only does eating bananas help with potassium but they also are great source of calcium. Make sure to eat high quality bananas when you do this treatment so that way you can get the full benefit of the bananas. You can find these types of high quality bananas in health food stores or even some organic food stores.



One of the easiest and sweetest home remedies for osteoporosis is honey. Honey contains minerals and vitamins in it that are essential for bone health. Honey also is one the cheapest remedies you can use to treat osteoporosis. When you get up in the morning take one to two teaspoons of honey everyday and you won’t suffer from your osteoporosis. For the fullest benefit of this remedy make sure that the honey is pure honey and that it has no added sugar or additives. A great way to ingest honey is to drink a hot cup of Tulsi tea with honey each day.


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