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Eye Pain Home Remedies



Deficient diet can be the cause of eye pain. Also eating bad foods and liquids such as coffee and alcohol.  Tobacco makes the nerves weak and impedes the flow of blood to the eyes.  So the first thing to consider is diet.  The system may be cleansed with herbs that purify the blood like Echinacea and cleansing vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and leafy greens. Each morning, one hour before breakfast, juice a whole lemon and add it to a cup of hot water to drink.  Steep one teaspoon of witch hazel leaves and one teaspoon of red raspberry leaves in a cup of boiling water and then strain it through a cloth.  If you are using powdered herbs, use one half teaspoon each.  Soak a soft cloth in this tea and put it on the affected eye(s) as a wet pack.  Also bathe the eyes often in the tea.  You can use the palm of your hand for this or purchase an eye cup.  Fennel tea can be drunk to strengthen the eyes.  Apply charcoal or slippery elm poultices to the eyes to relieve inflammation. 

Here is an excellent eye wash that can be used daily if there is a specific difficulty:  one teaspoon of boric acid and one teaspoon of golden seal dissolved in a pint of boiling water.  Shake this well and allow it to settle. Aloe vera gel put on the eyelids will relieve itching and burning of the eyes.  This is according to Jethro Kloss in Back to Eden.


Soak a black tea bag in hot water for a bit and then put it on the eye for 15 minutes.  Save the tea and periodically rinse your eye with it.  This will make it feel much better.


Make a solution of boric acid in water and use it to rinse your eyes. This works good if you have an infection like pink eye.


Use an icepack to soothe aching eyes.  Even a small amount of ice – a cube or two – in a wet washrag will work wonders.  It’s great for eyes that got too much sun.


A good home remedy for eye pain is to lay down and put a slice of cucumber on each eye.


Blend equal amounts of powdered cumin seed and licorice.  Each day for several weeks, take ¼ teaspoon of this along with a teaspoon of honey.


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