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Chafing Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Zinc Natural Home Remedy for Chaffing

As an over weight woman I have suffered chaffed thighs - the best solutions I\'ve found are: zinc ointment, nappy rash ointment and talc powder. Unsing a zinc ointment, (i've used the zinc sunscreen) will clear up a rash overnight. Make sure the nappy rash creme has lanlonin and zinc and you will get the same result. To stop getting chaffed in the first place carry powder in your handbag and go dust yourself.


Corn Starch Home Remedy for Chafing

As a home remedy for chafing, put plain old corn starch on the affected areas.  Corn starch is very lubricating and it won’t hold water or clump like powder.  Also it is cheap and doesn’t have any chemicals or fragrances.


Use a standard cream for diaper rash.  It’s smooth and cooling to the skin and keeps it dry.


When symptoms of chafing show up, I like Gold Bond Medicated power.  I put it on before going to bed and the problem is greatly improved by morning.  Probably any other powder would work if it keeps the area dry.


There is a product called Glide and it works great between my legs when I go for a run and also on my feet when hiking.  There is no odor to it and it works really good.  All my hiking friends have started to use it.  Try it on your chafing nipples as well.


Paste as Home Remedy for Chafing

Butt Paste is a great chafing home remedy.  My young daughter keeps peeing in her panties and using this on the affected area, the chafing disappears in short order.  It also acts as a preventative so that it does not return.  You can find Butt Paste in the grocery store or drug store along with the diaper rash creams.


Deodorant as Chaffing Natural Cure

Put some women’s deodorant on the chafed area and it will stop sweat from forming and aggravating the condition.  When an area gets red and sore, get some plain vanilla diaper rash crème with Vitamin A & D and put it on the area.  By morning it will be mostly well if not completely disappeared.


If powder won’t get it done for you try putting a swipe or two of stick deodorant on the chafed part.


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