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Essiac Tea for Cancer - How to Make It



You can make your own Essiac Tea and detailed instructions are provided below.  There is a lot of information on the internet as to how to make this tea or where to buy it. On You Tube do a search for "making essiac tea." 

The formula for Essiac Tea is

120 grams chopped burdock root
80 grams sheep sorrel whole plant (roots, stems and leaves)
20 grams slippery elm powdered inner bark
5 grams turkey rhubarb powdered root

All of these may be purchased separately or already combined.  At the time of this writing, 1 pound of the organic blended herbs is about $150 on the internet (this is containing the whole sheep sorrel plant which is very important – some preparations do not contain the root).  All of these, with the exception of slippery elm bark, can be grown in the home garden.  Burdock root must be chopped while it is fresh from the ground or else it will dry out and be too hard. Only buy organically grown herbs.

To prepare the herbs begin by washing and drying your hands thoroughly.  Wash under your nails and around and under rings.

Put 5 grams of turkey rhubarb root powder into a clean glass or ceramic bowl (no metal or plastic).  Add to this 20 grams of slippery elm powder. Rub the two herbs in together with your fingers with a compressing, pinching, rubbing motion.  Rub them very well.  This makes the turkey rhubarb root cling to the particles of slippery elm thus insuring a very even distribution of these ingredients.  Now add in 80 grams of the whole sheep sorrel plant.  You should have 60 grams of leaves and stems and 20 grams of root. Now rub the mixture with your fingers again but do not rub as hard as when mixing just the rhubarb root and slippery elm.  Now add in the 120 grams of burdock root and mix this with your hands.  The burdock root should be finely chopped never powdered. It is the burdock root that is responsible for the coloration of the brew.  The final color should be pale to medium brown and never dark brown. Occasionally, the burdock root will turn the tea bright viridian green.  You can store this mixture in a glass quart jar with a screw top lid.  Store the jar in a cool dark place.

Making the Tea

You will need a cooking pot with a lid.  It should be large enough to comfortably hold 1.5 liters of water without boiling over. The pot can be made from glass, stainless steel or enamel.  Do not use aluminum, copper or Teflon.   It is good if the lid to your pot is made of glass so you can observe the cooking process without having to lift the lid. You will need a large stainless steel cooking spoon, a stainless steel sieve and two pyrex glass measuring cups which you will use for pouring the tea into containers. You will need enough smaller bottles to hold 1.5 liters of tea.  For example, this could be five 300 ml bottles or three 500 ml bottles.  You must have a bottle brush – it is essential. It is best to have one pot that you use exclusively for preparing the tea.  This insures that the pot is as clean as possible. Any other pan will have to be thoroughly scrubbed and then filled with water which is then boiled for 10 minutes with the lid on.  Don’t forget to throw away the water used for disinfecting before making the tea. You are going to bring the tea to a boil and then let it stand for 12 hours to allow the active ingredients to be drawn out of the tea.

Bottling the Tea

First you will need to sterilize the bottles and all the equipment you are going to use.  This is most important because there are no preservatives in the tea.  You can sterilize the utensils, bottles and tops in a steamer for 20 minutes or you can boil the bottle tops, sieve and spoon for 20 minutes while heating the bottles in the oven at 300 degrees F (150 degrees C).  Never use bleach or any other chemical to sterilize any of the utensils or bottles. If you do not have the means to boil or steam, you can use a baby bottle sterilizing solution but you must rinse everything three times with sterilized boiled water. Always bear in mind that dirty tools make moldy tea.

Once everything is sterilized and you are ready to bottle, re-heat the tea.  You want to bring it to steaming hot but DO NOT let it boil.  This is very important.  Do not let it come to a boil.  Watch closely. Once the tea is brought to the point of beginning to steam, remove it from the heat and let it stand for a few minutes to let the herbs settle to the bottom.  Keep the lid on the pot at all times. Set the sterilized bottles on your work space and set the pot of tea nearby.  We are going to transfer the liquid to the bottles.  Remove the lid from the tea.  You will see that the herbs are beginning to settle.  

Take one of the pyrex measuring cups and dip it into the pot being careful to disturb the herbs in the bottom as little as possible. Hold the sieve over the other pyrex measuring cup and pour the scooped tea into the sieve so that it falls into the second pyrex cup. Never filter the tea. Put the scooping cup back into the sterilizing container as a resting place.  Pour the strained tea into the bottles putting on the lids as soon as each bottle is full.  It is normal to have some sediment at the bottom of each bottle and will not inhibit the storage of the tea. You mind find that the last bottle filled has more sediment but this is alright.  It will settle to the bottom as the bottle cools.  Some persons prefer to shake up the sediment and drink that as well but that is a matter of personal choice.

If a bottle goes bad, you will see a growth layer form on top of the sediment.  It will smell and taste very bad.  It will be obvious and, if this occurs, throw it away.  This will not happen if one follows proper sterilization protocols.

Always store the herbs in a screw top jar in a dark cool place.

Always sterilize the utensils, bottles and lids.

Always make sure the lids are tight on the bottles before you put them in the refrigerator.

Never leave bottles that have been opened for use out of the refrigerator.

DO NOT ever ever microwave the tea at any stage as it will destroy all the healing properties .

DO NOT ever freeze the tea as it will destroy all the healing properties.


Rene Caisse recommended taking 1 ounce (30ml) diluted in 2 ounces of hot water.  Take this once a day before going to bed.

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