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Kidney Infection Natural Treatments & Home Remedies



Water Treatment

If you are looking for a natural treatment for your kidney infection as a home remedy, just drink lots of water and nothing else.  Also, avoid drinking too much soda as it can contribute to the onset of a kidney infection. 

* * *

Cranberry Juice

Whenever my kidney infections take hold; I drink a lot of cranberry juice.  After drinking a couple cups of cranberry juice, my kidney infection is naturally cured.

* * *

Cranberry Softgels

In terms of home remedies for kidney infection, I started taking cranberry softgels, garlic, and some echinacea.  I’m not clear which of these three had the most effect on my condition; but, within six hours of taking the cranberry, I could feel the infection flushing out through my urethra, bladder, and out.  This was my second kidney infection in the past thirty two years.  With the cranberry, I took 1680 mg softgels three times per day.  I also drank lots of water.  I took the echinacea because it is a natural antibiotic.

* * *

Vinegar Natural Remedy for Kidney Infection

When I get a kidney infection, I have my own natural remedy that is quite effective.  I drink a shot glass of vinegar every four hours and this brings me relief.  It really tastes terrible; but, it’s definitely worth it.

* * *

Aloe Vera

As far as natural remedies for kidney infection; this is the best one I’ve come up with.  Try using aloe vera juice to treat your condition.  It will work on the inside of the body just as effectively as it does on the outside.  A good method of taking aloe vera juice can be done by getting some gel caps.

* * *

Cranberry Pills Home Remedy for Kidney Infection

Now, I have a home remedy for kidney infections that may not sit well with everyone; but, it is very helpful.  I tend to drink lots of water and I also take cranberry pills when my kidneys flare up.  Unfortunately, the cranberry pills cause me to feel nausea and to throw up.  I found that if I smoked a little marijuana and drank more water that this would enable me to keep it down.  Also, it doesn’t take a lot of marijuana to take care of things.

* * *

Bicarbonate of Soda

When my kidneys flare up, I take a spoonful of bread soda and dissolve it in a glass of water and drink this four times a day.  This will really help to eliminate the stinging that you feel when you urinate.  Also, if you can stay warm, this will help.  When you get into bed, try putting a hot water bottle at your lower back or on your stomach.  This is basically my natural approach when dealing with kidney infections.

* * *

Carrot Tops

I had a horrible experience of kidney infection that lasted a whole year.  I went to three different specialists and could not get any relief.  Finally, I started to look around for a natural cure for kidney infections.  This was when my great-grandfather told me about a natural cure that he had always used.  He suggested that I take some carrot top leafs and boil them into a tea and to drink this tea three times a day.  I followed his suggestion and it actually worked.  After suffering for a year, it took less than a week for my infection to go away.  I must warn you however, the stuff tastes horrible.

* * *

Colloidal Silver

After I gave birth to my third child I had repeated episodes of kidney infections.  I took antibiotics on three different occasions and also took my cranberry and drank lots of water.  Still, I suffered.  The only natural cure for my kidney infection was Colloidal Silver.  Don’t abandon the water and cranberry; but, it’s the Colloidal Silver that finally takes care of it.  My symptoms disappeared within one day.  I continued the Silver treatment for a couple of weeks.  Nothing has returned so far.

* * *

Be careful with kidney infections.  I had one and I had a fever beyond 104 degrees.  I experienced chills, back pain, and nausea.  I drank lots of water, took vitamin C, cranberry juice, herbs, took hot baths, used hot water bottles, etc.  The symptoms could provide some relief; but, I wasn’t able to get rid of the problem.  Finally, I went to the doctor and they wanted me to go to the ER.  I didn’t go to the ER because of not having insurance; but, I got a prescription for Cipro to take for ten days.  I eat some yogurt along with taking the ills.  If you have a kidney infection, you can’t mess around with it.  You could end up destroying or damaging your kidneys while you try to mend yourself at home.  It is going take me a few weeks just to regain my energy.  If you have a serious kidney infection, you need to get the proper medical care and not just rely on a home remedy for kidney infection.

* * *

I’ll share some natural treatments I used for a kidney infection I recently had.  I had experienced a fever and it was painful and tender; but, I didn’t have any visible bleeding.  It took about four days for me to be rid of my infection with the approach I took. 

Here is what I did:  I drank lots of water and drank some green and blueberry tea.  I also took some spoonfuls of cold natural/untreated, unheated honey.  I also applied UTI Clear three times daily and took one half teaspoon of D-mannose every few hours.  I also took one to three grams of potassium citrate or calcium citrate a few times a day and at night.  Some other parts of my treatment included: Goldenseal twice daily, Uva Ursi three times daily, and 100% cranberry juice 16 oz a day (non-sweetened/concentrate) a day.  Lastly, I had lentil soup with lots of freshly chopped parsley, chopped cilantro, one onion, crushed cloves of garlic, olive oil, curry powder, and some other seasonings.  I used a ratio of one cup lentils to four cups of water.  The total cost of my whole treatment program costs around $120.00.

In terms of diet I avoided protein products like yogurt, cheese, and milk.  I also made sure not to overeat.  Lastly, with your diet you need to avoid any product containing sugar.  This is especially important because the bacteria present in the UTI and the kidneys will grow in the presence of sugar.

PS:  Be sure to see that the Calcium citrate or Potassium citrate doesn’t contain any aspartate.

* * *

The last time I had a kidney infection, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to stand it.  I was in a great deal of pain and even went to the emergency room.  The second time I got a kidney infection, I went ahead and tried my own natural cure, and I'm so happy that I did.  Next time you find yourself with a kidney infection, try to take cranberry concentrate soft gels (triple strength, twice daily).  You'll also want to mix warm water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of raw honey.  Drink this within a minute of mixing, and make this drink about four times a day.  During the day, instead of drinking just plain water, make a mixture of a quarter container cranberry juice to three fourths of a container of water.  This is a great drink to sip on throughout the day.  These are the best natural treatments for urinary tract infections and kidney infections. 

* * *

Carrot Tops

My grandmother gave me the best natural remedy for kidney infections.  She told me to cut the leafy green tops off of fresh carrots and brew them into a tea.  While, this sounds strange, it works wonders.  I would drink this tea about three times a day.  This won't be the best tasting tea you've ever had, you'll love how quickly your symptoms will clear up. 

* * *

When I began suffering from an awful kidney infection, I started taking cranberry extract daily.  I would take two softgels with copious amounts of water.  I would also take lots of echinacea (natual antibiotics) and garlic.  I would take the last two about eight hours after taking the cranberry.  This was amazing.  I could actually feel the infection leaving my body! What a wonderful natural cure for infection!

* * *

When I began suffering from an awful kidney infection, I decided that I didn't want to do to the doctor and have them prescribe me lots of pills and medications that would likely just make the situation worse.  Instead, I took $120 and went to the store and bought these items:

I got lots of bottled water so I would always have some on hand to drink

p>I drank lots of blueberry and green tea.  They contain antioxidants and helped with the urine.

Honey is great for treating kidney infections, but be sure that you only use the natural kind that hasn't been processed.  It should be taken cold and not stirred into tea.

I also purchased the over the counter treatment of UTI Clear.  I took this about three times daily and this quickly cleared up my symptoms.

Take a half of a teaspoon of D-mannose every three to four hours.

Potassium or calcium citrate is also a wonderful natural cure for kidney infections.  This should be taken about three times daily, and another time before you go to bed.  It's important that the kind of citrate that you choose to take does not contain aspartame, as artificial sweeteners are terrible for you and are difficult for your body to process.

Goldenseal root should be taken twice a day

Three times a day, try taking some uva ursi.  Do not use this natural treatment long term, as it is very powerful.

I also found it wonderful to make homemade lentil soup.  Be sure that you use lots of parsley (fresh, not the dried kind) and I added olive oil, curry powder, garlic, onion and chopped cilantro.  To make the soup, put together four cups of water to one cup of lentils

* * *

When suffering from a kidney infection, one of the best home remedies is to simply avoid certain foods.  The most important thing you can do is to avoid the intake of any sugar.  Bacteria that cause infections tend to feed on bacteria, and this will only make it worse.  Be sure not to over eat, unless you're eating soup.  This is a food that is easy to digest and can be filling as well.  You should also avoid any animal proteins, especially cheese, yogurt and milk. 

* * *

Lemon Juice Home Remedy for Kidney Infection

When I felt a terrible kidney infection starting, I found that the best home remedy is to simply mix hot water or tea with concentrated lemon juice.  The citrus juice is wonderful because it cleans the kidneys and the liver.  This is also great for treating a UTI.  This is one of the best natural home remedy cures for a kidney infection.

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