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Genital Warts Natural Remedies & Home Remedies


Garlic Capsules

I had some genital warts and couldn’t get rid of them.  I was researching for a good home remedy when I found this natural remedy for genital warts that only involves taking about four to six garlic liquid capsules daily.  Garlic is supposed to work well as a virus killer; so, I gave it a shot.  In the beginning I took a couple capsules; but, a few more warts still appeared.  After this, I then increased the amount of capsules to about four per day.  After three days, the most recent warts had gone away.  Finally in three weeks all my warts were gone.  After a couple of months, I’ve not had any warts return.  I take a couple of capsules daily just to make sure.  This also worked for my husband who also had some warts to get rid of.  You can get a jar of these garlic capsules for around $4.00 at Walmart.  The dosage is indicated to take two to three a day; but, you’ll want to take four to six to jump start the process.  After they are gone, just take a couple each day as maintenance.



Hot Needle

Here is a great natural remedy for genital warts that really works!  I’ve suffered with these for over two years and after trying several things I found a treatment method that works great.  It does hurt a little, but it is well worth it and the warts will be gone in a couple of days.  Get a sewing needle and hold the tip in the flame of a lighter for about 10 seconds.  Now just put the hot needle on the wart – laying on the wart (not inserting it).  Burn the whole wart like this.  It will scab up and then come of in a couple of days.  No doctor bills and it’s easy and it REALLY works!


TTO and ACV did the genital warts home remedy trick in about two weeks.  Now I am totally free of warts!


Hydrogen Peroxide Genital Warts Home Remedy

About eighteen months back I discovered that I had HPV.  My girlfriend had been diagnosed before I and I knew it was only a matter of time before I got it as well.  She felt bad and thought she was at fault; but, it could have come from me as I was unfaithful to her.  I researched on the internet and ended up getting a natural remedy for genital warts.  I ordered this oil that was supposed to take care of it.  It didn’t take care of it and my condition just got worse.  Finally, after five months, I went to the doctor.  I had several warts on my genitals and my doctor told me about the options I had.  I chose the option of burning them off.  This was the worst experience of my life.  It was a two week long process for healing.  After about nine months, the warts started to return.  Fortunately, it was only one wart this time.  I didn’t want to go through the burning off method with the doctor again; so, I did some more research on the internet for some other natural remedies for genital warts.  I read where it was mentioned that these viruses can’t stay alive in a highly oxygenated area.  Then I saw the suggestion of using hydrogen peroxide as a possible solution.  I went to the grocery store and got some peroxide (H202) 3% and using a cotton swab I put it over the wart.  Within two days I noticed some reaction as the wart seemed to be hardening.  I began applying it two to three times a day.  On the fourth day of treatment, I could see it had shrunk about a third in size.  It also had hardened with a small scab forming.  I began a process of picking away the scab and continuing to put the peroxide on it.  Today is the eight day of this treatment and it is nearly gone.  I’ll continue for about another week to finally be rid of it.  I hope that this is of help to anyone reading this.  The burning method was painful, embarrassing, and cost over $14,000.00 just to get rid of nine warts.  Using the peroxide is much cheaper and you can do it at home without anyone knowing about it. I highly recommend this home remedy for genital warts.


Apple Cider Vinegar

I would like to put my 2 cents in and say apple cider vinegar (ACV) really works and is a great natural remedy for genital warts.  First I took a cotton ball and soaked it in acv and then I rubbed it on the wart for about five minutes until it started to come off.  The time it takes to do this depends on how big the wart is.  Then I put a new small piece of the cotton ball that had been soaked in acv on the area with a band aid to hold it on and let it stay overnight.  Now I have no warts – nada! It is a little on the painful side but its worth it.


Dental Floss

I have a unique home remedy for genital warts that is probably not for everyone.  After ten years of having a wart become a super wart as other warts grew on top of it; I found a solution.  I got me some dental floss and tied a slip-knot around the wart at the base.  I fastened it tightly enough to stop the flow of blood to it.  Within a day or two I started to notice discoloration of the wart.  It felt uncomfortable; but, after many attempts with topical treatments and other ways, I had become a little desperate.  After four days, the top half of the wart that I had secured with the floss had dried up and fallen off.  I then repeated the process looping the dental floss around the remaining wart at the base.  Four days later, and I was wart free.  Finally, after twenty years of trouble with these warts, I was free of them.  It has now been four months and there is no sight of them returning.



I’ve had problems with genital warts and have gone to the doctor and had the warts burned off; but, within a month, they have returned.  This combined with the cost of having this done prompted me to consider a natural remedy for genital warts.  I have a method I use that gets the same results as the doctor achieved; but, it only costs about $5.00.  You need a product for freezing warts called Wartner (also Dr. Scholl’s makes one).  Treat the wart with the piece of foam provided in the kit.  For about a second or two, there will be a little bit of a sting and the wart will be white with frost.  Within days the areas under the wart will turn black and blue and the wart will then fall off with in a week.  This works and is very simple and inexpensive.  I hope this helps.


You can remove your genital warts by purchasing some Liquid Band-Aid, Liquid Bandage, or New-Skin at your local pharmacy.  If you put these over your warts; in about two to four days, your warts will go away.



For treating genital warts or mucous membrane warts, you need to use toothpaste.  The toothpaste you use needs to have SLS in it.  The things you will need will include a small smooth edged mirror, cotton balls, and Q-tips in addition to the toothpaste.  Take the small mirror and place it so that you can see your genital area.  Take a Q-tip and put the toothpaste on the warts.  You may want to do only a couple at a time because of the pain.  There is some pain involved; but, it really works and hardly costs anything.  Take your cotton ball and tear it into three different pieces.  Put a flattened piece over your birth opening area.  Next, put the remaining pieces of cotton ball over the inside of the two labia flaps.  Now, you’ll need to fold your inner labia over each other, followed by folding your outer labia over the other.  After you arrive at home from work; do this a couple of times.  If you are at home during the day; you may want to repeat this process three or four times, depending on your pain threshold.  Keep up this process until the warts are gone.  It can take a week or maybe a couple of months.  It will depend on the number of warts you have.  It is important to get toothpaste with SLS because it will kill off the warts that are on the inner labia mucous membrane areas.


My natural remedy for genital warts requires cotton balls and apple cider vinegar.  I had some warts on my penis and after putting apple cider vinegar soaked cotton balls on the warts; I wasn’t sure how to hold them in place.  I was going to use a band aid, but then I thought of using a condom.  I cut the top off the condom and used it to hold the cotton in place.  I then went to sleep and the next morning the warts had shrunk in size and had turned black.  I was kind of concerned because I didn’t know if this was a good sign or not.  I didn’t repeat the procedure on the following night; but, the black scabs fell off after only two days.  The area where the warts had been, looked healed and good.  In essence, it only took one night of treatment to get rid of my warts.  In the past ten years I have had a couple of warts that I’ve had to deal with.  Two different times I had surgery to remove them; but, they always came back after a couple of years.  It has been a few weeks since I’ve done the vinegar and cotton ball approach to removing the warts; so, it’s possible they might come back.  If they do, at least this is a very simple, not too painful, and an affordable way to remove them as opposed to seeing the dermatologist.


EGCG Home Remedy for Genital Warts

I suffer from HPV and I’m in the middle of a natural treatment home remedy for genital warts that seems to be working quite well so far.  There is a new treatment for genital warts that the FDA recently passed.  It involves an antioxidant made from the extract of green tea called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).  I got a prescription for this ingredient; but, decided to create my own after seeing the cost at $250.00 a tube.  To make your own, buy some 500 mg EGCG caplets at the health food store.  When you get home, mix them with about an ounce of shea butter or California Baby calendula first aid cream.  Before starting treatment with this mixture, check the troubled area with a vinegar test.  Take some vinegar and soak a cotton ball with it and cover the troubled area.  Areas that turn up white are either warts, or are infected areas that can become warts.  Put the mixture on your warts two to three times a day.  Initially, the warts will remain white while the surrounding skin will turn yellow brown.  After a couple of days, the large warts start to turn brown and black.  The capillaries that feed them are dying off and the warts will harden and start to hurt some.  All treatments for HPV are painful.  Don’t pick at the scabs and let them fall off naturally.  The warts get dry and so I put some shea butter over them between treatments to keep the pain down some.  You also have the option of also taking ECGC orally as a supplement to your treatment for up to 16 weeks maximum.  The ECGC will help to boost your immune system.  Also, the salve mixture that I used didn’t have a negative affect on healthy skin, only the warts. This is a very good natural home remedy and treatment for genital warts so give it a try - you have nothing to lose!


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