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Fibroids Natural Treatments & Natural Home Remedies



Avoid Fat & Oil

Too much fat and oil in the diet causes estrogen over-stimulation which causes the fibroids and other negative health effects. When the muscle cells of the wall of the uterus are over-stimulated by estrogen, this can result in the formation of fibroids.  These lumps are non-cancerous and they vary in size.  In some very rare cases they have become the size of a softball!  Fibroids do not turn into cancers.  The best rationale for taking them out is because they can cause discomfort.  However, many doctors think that just because they are there, no matter what size, they should be removed.  This advice should be resisted unless it is an issue of discomfort.  As a result of menopause, hormone production will become less because of the natural ovary shut-down process.  This will cause the fibroids to shrink thus making the carrier of these safe from both the fibroids and the surgeon’s overly ambitious money-making knife. People in the USA consume an astonishing 47% of calories from fat. It should be about 10%.  Fat in our diet is also the primary cause of obesity.  It is fat that makes us fat.


Phytoestrogens Natural Remedy for Fibroids

If you are suffering from fibroids, it is important to include lots of phytoestrogens in your diet.  These include chickpeas, lentils, linseeds, soy (in its fermented form), red clover and alfalfa.  These phytoestrogens have been shown to reduce excessive estrogen in the body by bypassing the binding of the estrogen.  This is known to help relieve fibroids and is a great natural remedy. 

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A great natural treatment for fibroids is to include plenty of fiber in your diet.  Fiber is found mainly in fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.  Eat plenty of whole grains such as whole grain bread, brown rice, and oats. 

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Organic Diet Home Remedy

An organic diet is a fantastic natural treatment for reducing the effects of fibroids.  Fibroids, cysts and tumors are the natural result of the body trying to encapsulate and isolate toxins and chemicals it cannot eliminate.

* * *

No Saturated Fat

Saturated fat should only be consumed in small amounts, if at all.  This is a simple natural remedy for fibroids.

* * *

Filtered Water

Be sure to consume filtered water every day for fibroids.  Drink about two liters daily for a great natural treatment. 

* * *

Natural Foods Fibroids Home Remedy

Do your best to consume only natural foods if you are suffering from fibroids.  It's a great natural treatment for your fibroids if you avoid chemicals in your food (such as preservatives and artificial sweeteners) and any additives.

* * *

No Alcohol or Caffeine

Consumption of alcohol and caffeine should be limited as a natural remedy for fibroids.

* * *

Limit Sugar

If you want to treat your fibroids with a home remedy, be sure to limit your intake of sugar.  This means both in its raw form and when added to other foods. 

* * *

Fluid Intake

It's great to consume lots of fluids.  To naturally treat fibroids, be sure to avoid black tea with meals, because this can keep iron from being absorbed properly by the body. Carbonated soft drinks (and some red wines) contain phosphates.  Phosphates also inhibit iron uptake.  If you want to increase your fluid consumption, stick to fresh fruit juice and herbal teas.

* * *

Avoid Arachidonic Acid

Arachidonic acid (found in red meat and dairy products) tends to amplify inflammation and pain.  In addition to this, arachidonic acid will reduce blood clotting and also increases blood flow.  One of the best natural treatments for fibroids is to limit your consumption of foods containing arachidonic acid. 

* * *

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial for natural treatment for fibroids.  Be sure to get these acids in your diet by including lots of oily fish (salmon, millet and mackerel), oil (linseed and flaxseed are best), seeds and nuts.  Omega 3s reduce inflammation while omega 6s (other common vegetable oils) create inflammation.

* * *


You may find that you have heavy bleeding associated with your fibroids.  If this is the case, the best natural remedy is to take iron supplements.  Be advised that iron can interfere with the absorption of zinc in the body.  You should not take your zinc supplements with tea.  While taking iron supplements, avoid calcium and some herbs (vervian, rosemary, peppermint, lime flowers, milk thistle, fenugreek and chamomile are good hers to avoid).  Be sure to take your iron supplement with vitamin C. 

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