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TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  The device uses stick-on electrical pads to direct a very low current flow of electricity between the pads.  The current passes through and just below the skin.  It is not clearly understood why this provides pain relief.  The most common explanation is the electric current blocks pain signals in the surrounding tissues.
These devices are normally effective only while they are attached to the body.  In some cases there is residual pain relief when the device is removed.  Most people report pain relief when using a TENS.  The control box is small, battery powered, and comes with a belt clip so you can enjoy pain relief through the day. They are effective for back pain, joint pain, arthritis, headaches, post-surgical pain and most other pain occurrences. 

They can be purchased for less than $50 on line at Ebay, Amazon, Overstocked dot com and other outlets.  Ebay has been the best source I have found for inexpensive replacement pads.  Everyone I know who has tried a TENS has reported significant pain relief.

Wikipedia is somewhat discouraging in tone on their TENS page.  They would have you believe the unit is not very effective. These pages are edited by the pharmaceutical companies.  If you attempt to write a positive edit, it will be changed immediately.  However, the cost of a TENS is so nominal and it has no side effects so you can afford to find out for yourself.

Johnson and Johnson tried to suppress the TENS technology and lost a $130 million lawsuit.  Johnson & Johnson is the manufacturer of Tylenol which provides billions of dollars each year as a pain killing drug.  TENS technology threatens this income. As reported in the NY Times in 1981: "Last July a Federal jury in Minneapolis ruled that Johnson & Johnson had fraudulently bought the electronic painkilling product in order to quietly suppress the device and head off new competition for its drug business. The court ordered the New Brunswick, N.J., company to pay $170.4 million in damages and antitrust fines. According to Judge Miles Lord of the United States District Court in Minneapolis, the evidence before the jury indicated that Johnson & Johnson had engaged in fraud of ''the most extreme and culpable nature.'''

Big Pharma makes no money if Americans are healthy and pain free.  For this reason the “quackbuster” operation, which is run by a large New York ad agency, has been relentless in attacking natural antibiotics, oxygen therapies, supplements and other alternative remedies that challenge Big Pharma’s pocket book.

The latest and greatest fear that has gripped Big Pharma is the use of electricity for healing.  There are thousands of persons hammering away at electrical and electronic remedies for health problems and diseases and Big Pharma is in a panic.  Research is being done by universities, independent scientists, the US military, and hobbyists working in their garages.  Major work is being done in China, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany and Turkey.  They are producing electrical healing devices that are far more effective than anything Big Pharma has to offer.  

One such device is the Scenar developed by a Russian doctor in the 70s about the same time that the TENS unit came into being.  The Scenar device also gives excellent pain relief.






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