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Mosquito Home Remedies



A great home remedy for mosquito bites is to take a tablet that is meant for hay fever and then to apply some eczema cream to the bite.  You should instantly feel relief. 

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My favorite home remedy whenever I have a mosquito bite is to soak a cotton ball in plain mouthwash, and then allow some of the excess to drip directly onto the bite.  You'll find that this might sting a bit, but you'll soon feel relief.  If the itching doesn't immediately stop, you can press the cotton ball directly onto the bit and the itching will quickly subside.

* * *

Tea Tree Oil

A great natural remedy for mosquito bites is tea tree oil.  This can be applied directly to your bite for relief.  This natural oil works very well because it actually sterilizes the bite and will numb it as well.  Tea tree oil is great for mosquito bites, mite bites, flea and spider bites and bee stings. 

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A crushed aspirin mixed with a few drops of water makes an excellent homemade paste to use to treat mosquito bites.  Apply the paste to your bite and then cover it with a bandage and allow the paste to soak into the bite overnight.  This always works perfectly well for me.  You can also do this with baking soda and deodorant (not together, of course!).  Both of these home remedies work well, too.

* * *

Tobacco and Suction

All my life, I have used tobacco, vinegar and baking soda home remedies when faced with rashes, itches, and insect bites.  This is especially helpful when bitten by a mosquito.  When this natural remedy doesn't completely work, then you know that you have to remove the venom from the bite.  To accomplish this, I'll use a small vacuum pump (I have one for some minor car stuff) and I center the suction end over the bite and allow the vacuum to remain there for about one minute.  This will pull the venom out of the bite and you will instantly feel relief. 

* * *

Baking Soda

Simply rub a small amount of baking soda onto the bite.  This will help to alleviate the itch and helps the bite to heal faster.  Hope this helps!

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In nursing school, I was taught that ice was the best thing to use when trying to treat an insect bite.  The ice will constrict the blood vessels and this keeps the itch causing histamines from reaching your skin and causing your itching. 

* * *

Hot Pack & Toothpaste

Warm a hand towel in hot water, then place it directly over the bite.  This helps to reduce the amount of swelling and helps to alleviate some of the itching.  After the hot towel treatment, we'll put toothpaste on the bite.  Any type of toothpaste that contains menthol will do the trick.  Once you feel coldness from the toothpaste, remove it and then apply the medicine of your choice to the bite site. 

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I have always used a small drop of honey on an insect bite. 

* * *

Lance the Bite

Remove the venom.  This is the simplest, most sure fire way to heal a mosquito bite at home.  You'll need to sterilize a sewing needle (you can burn the tip of it).  Once cooled, use the needle to poke a hole into the mosquito bite.  Try to poke the hole near where the mouth of the insect actually bit you if you're able to tell.  Once you have the hole poked, squeeze the bite until the venom has been removed (you'll be able to see the venom).  After this, it will take about two days to heal. 

* * *

Lavender Oil and Rosemary

You can repel mosquitoes using this great home remedy with only two ingredients.  Mix together some lavender oil with rosemary seasoning.  You can find rosemary seasoning at any grocery store (you may even have some in your kitchen right now!).  Use a mortar and pestle and grind the oil with the rosemary.  Once it's fully incorporated, rub the mixture onto exposed skin when you go outside.  I have found that mosquitoes do not like the scents of lavender and rosemary and they'll stay away from you. 

* * *

Plantain Leaves

Plantain leaves are a great natural treatment for mosquito bites.  You can usually find the plantain leaves in a garden; they tend to grow as a weed.  Grind the leaf in your palm and wait until liquid comes out of the leaves.  Then, apply the excreted liquid directly to the bite.  You can also make a poultice from the plantain leaves by chewing on them until they're soft, then applying the leaves directly onto the bite.  You can repeat this treatment every three to four hours. 

* * *

Dryer Sheets

There's something in dryer sheets that will repel mosquitoes.  So, a great home remedy to keep mosquitoes away is to simply rub a dryer sheet all over you and your clothing before going outside.  This should keep mosquitoes away from you.

* * *

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apply apple cider vinegar directly to the bite for instant relief of the itching and swelling. 

* * *

Calamine Lotion

Apply calamine lotion to your mosquito bite.

* * *


Ammonia is a wonderful way to get rid of the itching from an insect bite and is especially helpful when used to treat mosquito bites.  Simply apply the ammonia directly to the bite and you'll be so pleased to see how quickly the itching will subside.  This is a great home treatment for mosquitoes. 

* * *

Witch Hazel and Baking Soda

Use baking soda and witch hazel together to form a paste.  Then, apply it to the mosquito bite and allow it to soak into the bite for about fifteen minutes.  This home treatment is wonderful for treating mosquito bites. 

* * *

Aloe Vera

Aloe is probably the best home remedy for mosquito bites.  This is because the natural plant is great at both relieving the itch caused by the bite and it will actually work to heal the bite as well.  The best way to use aloe is to grow your own plant and apply the gel from the leaves directly onto your skin.  If you don't have an aloe plant handy, you can use a commercial, store bought aloe gel product, but this isn't entirely recommended.  These store bought gels can contain lots of unnecessary ingredients that may be harmful to your skin. 

* * *


Itching is a big problem with mosquito bites, and unfortunately, the more you scratch, the more likely you are to cause an infection.  To reduce your chance of getting an infection, try this simple home remedy.  The next time you feel like you HAVE to scratch your mosquito bite, simply cut a lemon in half and “scratch” your bite with the pulpy side of the lemon.  This will greatly reduce your risk of infecting the bite. 

* * *


Simply rub deodorant on the bite area and the itch will instantly be relieved.  This home remedy also works well for other types of bug bites that cause you to itch as well. 

* * *


Mix together one part seasoning salt with one part of garlic salt and one part of water.  Add the mixture to the site of the bite.  This should burn for a few seconds, and then you'll find that the itch will be cured after that!

* * *

Atis Fruit

Try using the juice from an unripe atis fruit to treat the swelling caused by mosquito bites.  This is a great home remedy that can relieve the itch and really helps to improve your overall comfort level. 

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