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Plantar Warts Home Remedies & Natural Treatments


Lemon Oil

When my daughter had a bad plantar wart on her foot, we immediately took her to the doctor.  The podiatrist recommended removal of the wart, which would mean that she would lose a large amount of her big toe.  Instead, we went home and tried lemon oil on the wart.  I'm so glad that we did! That was such a perfect natural remedy for her plantar wart and it has been completely removed! Simply put the oil on the wart a few times a day and you'll soon see the plantar wart disappear!

* * *

Dandelion Milk Plantar Wart Home Remedy

If you have dandelions in your backyard and plantar warts, then you can easily kill two birds with one stone.  Make dandelion milk and apply it directly to the warts for an easy natural remedy for your plantar warts.  This is a fantastic natural remedy for plantar warts. 

* * *

* * *

Duct Tape

Duct tape is strange, but a very effective home remedy for plantar warts.  Simply place a piece of duct tape over the wart and leave it in place for as long as possible.  Do not remove the tape unless it gets wet.  After a few weeks, remove the duct tape (or just let it fall off on its own).  When you remove the tape, there should be a small hole where the wart was and it should come off on the duct tape.  Good luck!

* * *


I have suffered from plantar warts for a long time.  Nothing has helped, and I have tried lots of pharmaceutical and natural remedies.  Nothing has been effective.  Finally, I started making spirulina smoothies, and this has really helped.  I mix three dates, three oranges, and three teaspoons of spirulina together in the blender and drink it for breakfast every morning. 

* * *

Bread, White Vinegar and Duct Tape

Try this home remedy for plantar warts.  You can soak a piece of bread in white vinegar.  Once the bread is completely soaked, apply it to the wart and then wrap it well with duct tape.  Leave this on overnight for a duration of about seven to eight nights.  This worked miracles for my son.  Once the wart was removed, I did have to go in and remove the black roots of the wart using tweezers, but he didn't have to have anything cut or frozen on the wart.  During the day, a great way to keep air from getting to the wart, I would apply clear nail polish. 

* * *

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a great natural treatment for warts.  It is safe and very effective.  Make a poultice and keep it on the wart with a bandage. There is minimal risk and pain associated with using salicylic acid and the treatment should be complete within three months. 

* * *


While this is a procedure that is commonly done in the podiatrist's office, you can also do cryotherapy at home.  This is a safe and effective home treatment for plantar warts.  Simply purchase a kit for freezing warts at your local drugstore and follow the directions.  Hold the applicator directly to the wart for a few seconds.  This will freeze the wart and it will later fall off.  Sometimes you may have to freeze the wart more than once in a week or two.  This treatment should not be used on young children under four years of age, or on women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

* * *


A friend of my husband recommended that we use iodine on our grandson's plantar wart.  On my own children, we paid hundreds of dollars to get rid of plantar warts on their feet.  This treatment for my grandson cost less than $2 and worked within six weeks.  I simply painted his wart with iodine twice a day (morning and night), and the wart was healed quickly. 

* * *

Essential Oil of Oregano and Duct Tape

My podiatrist was unable to get rid of a pesky plantar wart.  We tried lots of different treatments, but nothing worked.  Finally, I decided to try the essential oil of oregano on the wart as a topical treatment and then covered with duct tape.  This was done for about two weeks and it went away without any problem.  The best part was that this treatment was completely painless, unlike the treatments that I received at the podiatrist.

* * *

Castor Oil

Castor oil was a great way to get rid of my plantar wart.  I applied it to the wart about four to five times a day and within a few weeks, the wart just fell off.  While it left a small hole in its place, that has healed and you can only see a tiny little scar. 

* * *

Salicylic Acid, Clear Nail Polish, and Scraping Blade

This worked really well for me: salicylic acid, clear nail polish and a scraping blade.  First, you need to remove any skin that's surrounding the wart by using the scraping blade.  You do not need to scratch a lot of skin off – do not draw blood.  It's a good idea of buy these scraping blades in packs, since you'll want to use a clean one at least every day (or even every time you scrape).  Once the skin is scraped, apply the salicylic acid topically to the wart and give it about ten minutes to dry.  Once the acid has dried, paint the wart with some clear nail polish and allow it to dry.  This is all you have to do to treat your plantar wart.  This should be done once a day until the wart is gone. 

* * *

Banana Peel

After fighting a plantar wart for what seemed like a lifetime, a friend suggested that taping a piece of banana peel to the wart will help it to naturally heal.  While this might be difficult in the colder months (when closed-toe shoes are a necessity), it's easier to do while wearing sandals.  You could also do this at night.

* * *

Cold Water

You can also try to freeze the virus by placing your infected foot in freezing cold water for about fifteen minutes.  When the virus is frozen, the wart will be pliable and you might be able to scrape it off using a simple pumice stone. 

* * *

Tea Tree Oil

Try placing tea tree oil on the wart.  This should be done at night, and can be done for several nights (it took me about a week).  You'll see the wart turn black, then it will fall off.  The hole that is left will heal over.  Use a bandage of some sort to hold the oil on the wart.

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