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Motion Sickness Home Remedies & Natural Cures


Peppermint Candies and Ginger Ale

Our family relies on peppermint candies and ginger ale whenever motion sickness strikes.  These are great home remedies for motion sickness. 

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We like to use ginger in as many forms as we can.  Ginger ale works, but be sure that you're using a brand that actually uses real ginger, not just ginger flavoring.  You can also boil a small bit of ginger root in water and then add some honey or sugar to sweeten and drink the water.  Be sure that you taste it a bit first because ginger root is a very strong flavor, and you may need to add a little bit of water.  You can also make your own ginger cookies (try a quick Google search; there are lots of recipes). I have also found that ginger snaps that I've bought at my local dollar store do the trick just fine.  It's also important that as with any natural remedy, you watch for an allergic reaction to the ginger if it's your time using it. 

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Acupressure Bracelets

There are special bracelets that use the acupuncture approach of applying pressure on the pressure points on your wrists to keep you from getting motion sickness.  I had a co-worker that used to get motion sickness all the time, and now he's able to boat and fly and can even read in the car with this bracelet.  Try looking at your local health food store for them.  If you can't find them there, you can always look online or in a pharmacy. 

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Ice (or anything cold, really) tends to help me a great deal with motion sickness.  I use this simple natural remedy whenever I'm at the amusement park and start to feel a little motion sick from riding too many rides.  Try this; it really works for me!

* * *

Saltine Crackers

I feel like motion sickness can be caused by excess acid moving around in the stomach.  To absorb this acid, I always keep some Saltine crackers and eat them whenever I start feeling a little bit of motion sickness starting.  My daughter tends to get motion sickness as well, and this works really well for her, too. 

* * *

Vitamin B6

Three days before you travel, increase your intake of vitamin B6 (I use a pill form, and start taking it a few days before).   

* * *

Olives and Lemons

During the first stages of motion sickness, your body will produce excess amounts of saliva.  This is what you swallow and then become nauseated from.  Instead, try eating olives.  Olives produce chemicals called tannins that will make you mouth dry.  Lemons will also have the same effect on your saliva production. 

* * *

Coke Syrup and Carbonated Beverages

Coke syrup is sometimes prescribed as an anti-nauseant for children.  You can try this for yourself by adding some to some seltzer water to treat your motion sickness.  A simple home remedy to accomplish this would be to simply drink any carbonated beverage, as they tend to be settling and calming for the stomach.

* * *

Watch Where You Sit

If you tend to suffer from motion sickness, try to sit in an area on the vehicle (be it on a boat, plane, car  or otherwise) were the motion is minimized.  If you're traveling by plane, you'll likely feel less jarred around if you sit in the aisle and not over the wing.  On a train, the most stable place to sit is near the front.  This is also true if you're traveling by car.  Traveling by sea would be best done if you had a cabin in the center of the ship.    

* * *

Don't Stand

If you're traveling by bus, there is likely standing room.  Try to find a seat and avoid being one of the standing passengers.  This can be very uncomfortable and can make your stomach less settled if you aren't seated. 

* * *

Face Forward

Make sure that you face forward.  This is beneficial because your body will match the forward motion and what you're seeing.  Don't turn your head suddenly.  You can get rid of motion sickness by simply avoiding sudden head movements. 

* * *

Don't Lie Down

Sometimes, motion sickness can be caused by our bodies not communicating properly.  Your eyes may not be really seeing what your body is feeling, and vice versa.  If you're on a boat, this is likely the cause of your motion sickness.  Try to stay on deck so that your eyes can really see what your body is feeling. 

* * *

Focus on a Fixed Object

Don't daydream, but try the simple natural remedy for motion sickness of simply staring off into the distance.  This is great to do on a rocking boat.  Instead of looking down at the deck rocking beneath you, stare into the distance off the side of the boat.  Try to focus your gaze on a specific, steady object.  If you're far away from shore and can't find anything steady to focus on, try staring directly at the horizon where the sky meets the water.  This just repeats the same natural treatment of allowing your body to confirm what it's feeling without becoming dizzy. 

* * *

Don't Read

Reading is a common cause of motion sickness in a car or train.  This is caused by your body feeling like it's moving forward, however, your eyes are focused on a stationary object.  This causes a contradiction of senses in the body and thus, motion sickness.    

* * *

Offer to Drive

Most drivers don't get carsick.  This is because they're spending their time and energy watching the road, and they aren't causing the sensory contradiction that causes motion sickness.  So, if you're prone to getting motion sickness and carsick, simply offer to drive.

* * *


Food can cause people to react in different ways to motion sickness.  For some people, they tend to feel better when they have a little bit of food in their stomachs.  Other people feel sick after eating.  You'll need to experiment to find the right balance and approach for you.  One good idea is to be sure that you stop eating about an hour before you travel.  Also, it's a good idea that you eat something plain that isn't spicy or greasy.  Good ideas are plain toast, bread or some crackers. 

* * *

Avoid Alcohol

One of the best things that you can do is to avoid alcohol before and during your trip.  Even people that don't tend to get motion sickness find that they can become nauseated after drinking and traveling.  Save the adult beverages for after you're done traveling. 

* * *

Keep Your Cool

A lot of the time, motion sickness can be purely psychological.  Sometimes, constant worrying about getting sick will eventually make you sick.  Instead, try to just stay calm and relaxed.  Be sure that you take long, deep breaths and think positive thoughts and try not to focus on the sick feeling. 

* * *

Eat Small Meals

Doctors that research food's effect on the stomach during travel tends to advise not to indulge in large quantities of food, and to be sure that you stick with what you know.  If you tend to not feel well when you eat a certain type of food when you're still, you will feel even worse if you try to eat it when moving.  Instead, try small, sensible meals of what you know agrees well with your system. 

* * *

Fresh Air

Fresh air works wonders.  Get rid of your sick feeling by using the free and easy access to fresh air.  In an airplane, turn on your overhead vent, on a boat, go out on the deck and in a car, you can simply roll down the window. 

* * *


Be sure that you get enough sleep before you travel.  If you're fatigued, you are just increasing your chances of getting motion sickness.  If you're the passenger or on a plane, you can even try sleeping while you travel and this home remedy might help ward off motion sickness. 


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