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This is the story of a healing miracle. The Master Mineral Solution or MMS was discovered by an engineer named Jim Humble working in the jungles of South America. He originally used it to cure maleria with over 100,000 documented cures of this disease. He then discovered it cured anything caused by a bacteria, virus or parasite. It even cures 95% of all cancers suggesting a virus is at the root of cancer. It cures MRSA or anti-biotic resistant staph infections, tuberculosis, flus of all types, colds, eczema and much more. Many have reported the pain of arthritis disappearing. There are 800 documented cures of AIDS using MMS. I personally have a friend who cured his AIDS this way. After taking MMS for only 2 weeks, his blood test came back "undetectable!" His viral load dropped to zero! MMS is the most effective antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered and the pathogens do not develop immunity to it.

MMS is very inexpensive and available on line from websites like Keavey's Corner. It is marketed as a water purifier to avoid trouble with the FDA. Mr. Humble is independently wealthy, retired and makes no money on the sale of MMS. He works tirelessly to promote this incredible gift to mankind.

No one has ever died from taking MMS and millions have used it world wide. This is a testimony to its lack of toxcicity. It will not harm the cells of the human body but will attack pathogens by means of oxidation. Hydrogen peroxide is another oxidator. The FDA forbids the use of it. As you know the FDA works for the drug companies and not you and I. When the FDA commissioners leave office, they are given big fat salaries with the drug companies if they have done the bidding of Big Pharma while in office. Can we even begin to imagine how much money MMS would cost the drug companies? Chemotherapy would become non-existent. No more $1200 per pill anti-biotics. $800 a month AIDS antiviral meds go into the trash can of history. Because it is common and cheap, it can't be patented and so no drug company will finance clincial trials. This costs millions and could not be recouped. MMS is Big Pharma's worst nightmare. Remember, no one has ever died from taking MMS whereas pharmaceutical prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death for Americans.

Buy a copy of Jim's book The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium on Amazon. There are many testimonials on YouTube - check them out. Adam Abraham produced a documentary on MMS which is very good titled MMS: A New Understanding. Watch this one hour video. It is also sometimes available on disk from Ebay and Adam sells them on his website.




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