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Miscarriage Natural Home Treatments & Remedies


Vitamin C Home Treatment for Miscarriage

When trying to avoid a miscarriage try taking some vitamin C every morning when you get up. Mix one tablespoon of vitamin C and one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water. This will help your body regulate itself and keep your immune system balanced.



If you’re pregnant and want to steer clear of a miscarriage, try the unicorn home remedy. Every day that you are pregnant take one teaspoon of the herb called false unicorn. This will help keep your body strong while you’re a pregnant and reduce your chances of a miscarriage. 



Bay Leaf

If you are worried that you may have a miscarriage I suggest using a bay leaf drink to help you keep your baby. Mix one quarter of a teaspoon of ground bay leaf with one half cup of almond milk, and then boil the mixture on low heat. Once it has been boiling for two minutes remove the mixture from the heating source. When it has cooled off, drink it and do this twice daily while you are pregnant.


Ascorbic Acid

Taking ascorbic acid (vitamin C) on a daily basis will help you prevent a miscarriage while you’re pregnant. Every morning before you eat take six to ten grams of the ascorbic acid daily for ten straight days if you are worried you might miscarry. Also make sure to rest. Put your feet up and be really good to yourself. The calmer you are the more likely you can avoid a miscarriage.



A great way for you to keep yourself healthy and prevent a miscarriage are to take amla juice, also called Indian Gooseberry. Take one tablespoon of amla juice and mix it with one tablespoon of honey. Drink this mixture every morning during your pregnancy to keep your immune system balanced. This is an Ayurvedic home treatment for preventing miscarriage.


Cold Compress

When you are in your first trimester of your pregnancy and you want to avoid having a miscarriage you should try a cold compress. Every night before you go to bed apply a cold compress to your thighs, perineum, vagina and lumber regions. This will help increase your blood flow in this area to help with your circulation.


Black Haw

A great mixture that you can use when you are pregnant and want to keep your health up is black haw with unicorn root. To make the mixture mix one part black haw, three parts unicorn root, one part lobelia. When you have the mixture ready boil three ounces of the mixture in with one and one half quarts of water. Once the mixture has been boiling for twenty five minutes remove it from the heating source. After the mixture has cooled off take one teaspoon of it with eight ounces of water. Do this four times a day every day during your pregnancy.


Unicorn Root

To avoid a miscarriage while you are pregnant try drink some unicorn water. Mix one tablespoon of unicorn herb with four ounces of water, then boil the compound for five minutes. Once you have let the mixture cooled you can drink this solution.


Squaw Tea

Making a tea of squaw herb is very beneficial to your health when you are pregnant and will help you to avoid a miscarriage. Every morning when you wake up, boil ten to twelve ounces of water. Once the water has been brought to a boil add in one teaspoon of squaw herb and let it continue to boil for another five minutes. Then let the tea brew and cool off for another five minutes before you drink it. Squaw tea is known for its beneficial effect of strengthening the uterus while pregnant and in turn helping to prevent miscarriage.


Raspberry Leaf

One of the oldest and best remedies used for preventing a miscarriage is raspberry leaf. This is because the raspberry leaf is rich in iron and other important phytochemicals which are important for your blood health. Boil ten ounces of water on your stove and then add in the raspberry leaf. Let the mixture boil for another five minutes. Before you drink your tea let it cool off enough so that you can drink it. Many women drink raspberry leaf tea throughout their entire pregnancies. The raspberry leaf is helpful in toning the uterus.


Starch Based Diet

Most health issues that Americans face are linked back to their lifestyle. The biggest part of the American lifestyle is the western diet. This diet has been proven to be the leading cause of most illnesses that range from cancer to diabetes. One of the illnesses that have been linked to the western diet is miscarriages. If you look around the world in places such as Asia and Central America they have diets that consist of starches, grains, potato’s, and beans. When you look at these people they tend to look young, fit, and agile. They are also unlikely to have issues with pregnancy such as a miscarriage. The McDougall diet focuses on these food groups and stresses how important it is to stay away from all animal products and all processed foods. For more information on Dr. McDougall’s starch-based diet please visit the website at www dot drmcdougall dot com.



One simple and easy remedy that you can use to prevent a miscarriage is to eat your vegetables. Eating asparagus is particularly helpful if you are concerned about the possibility of miscarrying. Eating asparagus on regular basis will help keep you healthy and also help keep you from having a miscarriage.


Nutmeg Home Treatment for Miscarriage

If you would like to reduce your chances of a miscarriage drink some nutmeg tea. Nutmeg will help keep you calm. This remedy will also help you retain blood while you are giving child birth. To make this tea boil eight to sixteen ounces of water, when water is boiling add in two teaspoons of nutmeg. Keep the water boiling for another five or six minutes. After it has boiled for the determined time remove it from the heating source and let it steep for three to five minutes before drinking. Drinking this tea daily will help support a healthy pregnancy.

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