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Baby Bottle Syndrome Home Remedies



Avoid Night Bottle Home Remedy for Baby Bottle Syndrome

The best home remedy for baby bottle syndrome is to change the way we feed our baby liquids. Baby bottle syndrome is a condition that occurs by the continued contact of a baby’s teeth with sugary drinks, milk, juice or formula.  Over a long period of such contact, the drink ferments causing bacteria to form around the baby’s teeth. This leads to damage to the enamel and this produces tooth decay.  Culprits of this are giving a baby an all night bottle or allowing your baby to keep a sippy cup in his/her mouth for extended periods during the day.


Baby Bottle Syndrome is very common.  I know I did this to my children when they were little.  When you give a child a bottle of liquid; all the drinks contain sugar except water.  Don’t put your child to bed with a bottle.  If your child needs a drink, give them water.  Before bedtime if your child needs a drink and wants something besides water; then make sure that their teeth are brushed afterwards.  This is the best home remedy I know of for baby bottle syndrome.


The following is a short 2 minute video by Dr. John McDougall MD explaining why you should never give your baby formula.




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