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Prostate Cancer Alternative Treatments & Natural Cures



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The commonly held idea that early detection of prostate cancer with PSA testing has caused the occurrence of prostate cancer to increase tenfold in the last 20 years. If physicians were honest, they would inform their patients that prostate screening does more damage than good.  This is because over 90 percent of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer will not die from it.  That’s right!  If no treatment is given, 90 percent of men with prostate cancer will die from something else.  The other 10 percent who are unfortunate enough to have a fatal form of prostate cancer cannot be helped with current orthodox therapies (these cases can be cured with alternative therapies - see link at top of page).  So they also have no benefit from early detection screening tests. These barbaric treatments, which render men incontinent and impotent, belong in the museum of the medical macabre along with bloodletting. Your best chance for surviving prostate cancer and preventing it is the McDougall Program.  Do a search for Dr. John McDougall, MD.  This path basically revolves around a plant based diet low in fats and oils. Buy Dr. McDougall’s book The McDougall Program and watch his videos.

Watch this 3 minute video with Dr. McDougall explaining why you should not get a PSA test.


No Treatement is Best

The good news is that prostate cancer cells grow at an extremely leisurely pace doubling every 4 years. On September 9, 2009, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a paper written by Grace Lu-Yao titled Outcomes of Localized Prostate Cancer Following Conservative Management.  The study concluded, “Considering favorable 10-year outcomes following conservative management, men with a life expectancy of less than 10 years may wish to consider an active surveillance or watchful waiting protocol as an alternative to immediate attempted curative therapy (radiation and/or radical surgery).” The study tracked 14,516 men who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer between 1992 and 2002 and discovered that 94% of men with localized (has not spread) prostate cancer that was conservatively managed (had no treatment) had at least a ten year survival rate.  Even more significant, these men did better than those with radical prostate removal who only showed a 90% 10 year survival rate.

When you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and it has not spread, you are given only three options of therapy to combat the disease: Radiation, radical surgery or do nothing at all.  The option of doing nothing is also referred to as watchful waiting.  Physicians also like to call this active surveillance.  Due to the fact that radiation and surgery have never been demonstrated to save lives with prostate cancer, active surveillance translates into doing nothing.

About 10% of men in their middle ages will show a PSA test that is positive.  About a fourth of these men, who have a biopsy, will show prostate cancer.  The risk in your lifetime of being found to have prostate cancer is around 17%. Conversely, the risk of dying from prostate cancer is only about 3%.  Only 10% of patients typically pursue watchful waiting and receive no treatment such as radiation or surgery.  The other 90% get surgery and radiation and the dehumanizing side effects of incontinence and impotence.

Until we have statistics that show otherwise, taking the conservative therapy path is the right decision even for men whose cancer looks to be aggressive.  One can find no reliable evidence that would suggest undertaking radiation, surgery or any other radical treatments for men of all ages and with any Gleason score (the Gleason score is an inaccurate, imprecise system of grading that is employed by pathologists to help decide the prognosis).  It is most unfortunate that most physicians are fearful and do not practice medicine based on evidence.  They do not do the right thing.  Should a metastatic spreading prostate cancer emerge after taking the path of watchful waiting, then the physician is in danger of being sued.  Because of this unfortunate circumstance, millions of people are injured and harmed by unnecessary treatments each year. This article was adapted from an article by Dr. John McDougall, MD who is a board certified internist and internationally known speaker, author and teacher on nutrition and health.



In a clinical study by Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, it was clearly demonstrated that a healthy diet produced good benefit for persons with prostate cancer.  This study was printed in the Journal of Urology in the September, 2005 issue.  Dr. Ornish’s study found that intensive lifestyle changes can affect the progressions of low grade, early prostate cancer in men.  A group of 93 men with high PSA levels (4 to 10 ng/ml) and having a Gleason Score under 7, and who had not had any other orthodox treatments, were divided into 2 groups.  For 12 months, one group adhered to a vegan diet low in fat and the second group, the control group, consumed their standard American diet.  Six in the standard diet control group eventually received orthodox treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery because of a rise in their PSA level or because of other indications their cancer was progressing.  Not a single person in the vegan low fat group required any additional treatment.  PSA levels went down 4% in the vegan low fat group and went up 6% in the standard diet control group. This is one of the best natural treatments and cures for prostate cancer.


A number of researchers have discovered that the anti-oxidant lycopene helps to stop and reverse the progression of prostate cancer.  In a study that was printed in the National Cancer Institute Journal, men who consume tomatoes that are cooked are not likely to get prostate cancer.


Minerals as Prostate Cancer Alternative Treatment

Prostate cancer can be prevented by seeing to it that your diet has enough selenium and zinc.  These minerals are present in the prostate gland and if the levels are insufficient, it can cause problems with the prostate.  Grains (whole grains) and garlic are high in selenium and sunflower seeds and oatmeal are high in zinc.  This is a good prostate cancer natural alternative treatment.


Clinical research has demonstrated that elevated cholesterol levels will injure cells in the prostate gland.  If one avoids foods high in cholesterol (animal products, meat and dairy) then one avoids stimulating estrogen levels which lowers testosterone which is implicated in the development of prostate cancer. Guggul gum is a highly effective natural remedy for high cholesterol.


PSA testing is a failure and should be stopped according to the inventor.  Click here to read more about Accuracy of PSA Tests


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