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Irregular Periods Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Plant Based Whole Foods Diet

When experiencing irregular periods you are dealing with uncertainty and discomfort. Sometimes we find that eating a poor diet can be detrimental to our good health. If we eat a healthy plant based diet we can often reverse troubling medical conditions such as irregular periods. Most Americans eat the Standard American Diet or SAD for short. This consists of animal products, fats, oils, and heavily processed foods, which have little nutritional value.  Dr. John McDougall started researching how we eat and how it relates to our health. He discovered that many countries around the world, such as Asia and Central America, eat a diet that is totally different from the SAD (Standard American Diet). When looking at diets in Asia and Central America he found that they were primarily eating grains such as wheat and corn as well as potatoes and other plant based foods. None of these people from these cultures ate processed food and consumed little or no animal protein. These people looked young, fit, trim, and were very healthy. With this evidence he concluded that the answer to people’s health issues was, in fact, eating a healthier diet. After concluding his research Dr. McDougall came up with a diet that is similar to that of the cultures he observed. This diet is a plant based diet only with no processed foods, fats, oils, or animal products. The diet focuses on starches, vegetables, grains and wheat, and fruits. This diet helps our body obtain the nutrients it needs which in turn helps us avoid disease and poor health. To find out more about this diet click on the following:  Diet Home Remedy for Irregular Periods.



Dong Quai

For many years Chinese doctors have prescribed the herb Don Quai to women who have irregular periods. This herb has the ability to rebalance your hormones so that you can have a regular period cycle.


Vitamins and Minerals

These days it is difficult to get sufficient vitamins and minerals from our foods due to poor soils that have been exhausted by chemical farming practices. The only way we can get minerals and vitamins is through taking daily supplements. Vitamins and minerals are important to our bodies because they supply nutrients that we need to help our bodies function properly. Vitamins and minerals can help regulate a woman’s menstruation which in turn can help alleviate irregular periods.



One great herb that has been proven to work on irregular periods is asafetida. Just try one teaspoon with two tablespoons of ghee then drink it down with some honey. This needs to be done every day for two months in order to see results.



Extract from ashoka tree bark is great at helping the menstrual cycle become regular again.  Begin boiling 90 grams of ashoka tree bark dust with 30 milliliters of almond milk and 360 milliliters of water. Continue to let this mixture boil until it has reduced its amount to 2/3 of the original amount. Then split the remainder of the mixture evenly into three glasses and drink the first one. Store the other two in your refrigerator. Drink the second glass three to four hours later and drink the third one an hour before you go to bed. Keep doing this remedy for the next six cycles so that they become more regular.     


Angus Cactus

Angus cactus is great for balancing out your hormones so that you can begin to have regular periods. False unicorn root is another great herb used for hormone imbalance. Adding fifteen drops of each of these herbs to one cup of juice twice a day will help with making your monthly cycles regular again. 



Soaking Neem bark in twelve ounces of water over night will help you avoid having irregular periods. Neem has been used for natural healing for many other issues that involve hormones and has been proven to work. Once you have soaked the bark overnight strain the bark out of the water and drink the water. Keep doing this all throughout your period, stop once you are off of it. You can also find powdered neem or a neem tincture at your health food store. Neem has a strong odor and taste but is very healing.


Bad Habits

Bad habits can wreak havoc on your body up and in turn cause irregular periods. When talking about bad habits I am not talking about biting your nails, I am talking about consuming caffeine, sugar, tobacco, and alcohol. All of these products have chemicals in them that can manipulate your body’s health causing internal disease. Avoiding these products can be important to your body and also may help you maintain consistency with your monthly periods.



Drinking enough water each day is critical to maintaining proper health. When we are slightly dehydrated our body will not function properly. Sometimes our body will begin to show symptoms of dehydration in ways we would not normally expect such as irregular periods. On a day to day basis a person should drink eighty to one hundred and forty ounces of water, but when you have issues such as irregular periods you should drink more.


Bitter Gourd

Drinking bitter gourd has been proven to help make irregular periods more regular. By adding an eight ounce glass of bitter gourd into your daily diet you might be able to regulate your monthly period.


Sesame & Cumin Seeds

One cause of irregular periods is that you have a hormone imbalance in your body and it needs to be rebalanced. Taking one teaspoon of ground sesame seeds and one teaspoon of ground cumin seeds with two teaspoons of honey every day should really help. This is an excellent natural home remedy for irregular periods.



Sometimes a woman needs help with regulating her body’s monthly functions.  Fennel seeds have been proven to help with a woman’s body especially when she has out of cycle periods. By taking two tablespoons of fennel with one glass of warm water you will be able to bring the balance back to your body and have regular periods once more. This is an excellent home remedy for irregular periods.



Ground radish seeds can help the body bring a balance your hormone levels and help with other functions that relate to periods. Add one teaspoon to an eight ounce glass of almond milk and drink it. If a woman does this daily it will be one way of helping her monthly cycle.


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