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Hypoglycemia Natural Cures & Home Remedies



Starch Based Diet Hypoglycemia Natural Cure

There are two factors regarding our bodies and our diet that promote hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.  The first is removing most of the fiber from our foods by processing and the second is the very excess amount of fat we consume in our diet.  Americans get 47% of calories from fat and it should be no more than 10%.  Our bodies did not evolve eating this much fat over the last 100,000 years.  Go to Hypoglycemia Natural Cure Diet & Home Remedy to read more about this.


Limit Fruits and Sugars

It is important to watch how much sugar you ingest if you are suffering from hypoglycemia. Limit the amount of fruit you eat because fruit tends to have a very high sugar content. Also avoid sodas, candy and anything with high sugar content.


Do Not Skip Meals

I have been struggling with hypoglycemia for years. I find I do really well if I eat regular meals and never skip a meal. This home remedy for hypoglycemia works great if you adhere to your stable meal plan.


Regular Exercise

I get up and walk each day to help keep my blood sugar levels in remain in check and to also increase my overall well being. I have read many accounts of people using exercise to help regulate their hypoglycemia. If you do not wish to walk find another form of exercise that you enjoy!  This is a wonderful natural cure for hypoglycemia.



Take calcium, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-complex as a natural remedy for helping hypoglycemia.


Juniper Berries

If you want a natural remedy for hypoglycemia that helps you feel better I have a remedy for you. I take juniper berries, hawthorn, garlic, cayenne, dandelion and alfalfa.



I have been doing extensive research for ways I can treat my hypoglycemia naturally and without traditional medical medicine. I came across research done in Switzerland that has shown a way to isolate a sugar found in avocados that helps to regulate sugar levels in our own body and it is called D-Mamnoketoheptose.


Eat Small Meals

My home remedy for hypoglycemia is to eat many small meals throughout the day versus fewer large meals. The smaller meal helps your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Diabetic Diet Natural Remedy

I ended up in the hospital because of how low my blood sugar was going, which was well into the 20s or even less than that. I ended up meeting a person who happened to be a nutritionist who ended up putting me on a diet for diabetic people. This is a natural remedy for hypoglycemia as well. I cannot believe how much better I am feeling. I am eating a diet with a lot of carbohydrates. I eat about fifteen grams in my snacks alone and close to fifty grams of carbohydrates in meals. I lost about twenty pounds and have not experienced blood sugar fluctuations in almost half of a year. I changed my diet in a way that has increased my energy and helped me to regain lost health. I eliminated processed foods and eat fresh foods. I am also exercising daily and getting a lot of sleep. When I was really sick with hypoglycemia I could barely get out of bed in the morning and felt like sleeping all day because I had no energy. Since changing my diet my life has become so much better.


Keep Snacks Available

I always get shaky in between meals since I suffer from hypoglycemia. I keep snacks on hand so that I can eat something quickly if I begin to feel shaky. I like to make up bags of cut up carrots, celery and apples and also little bags of nuts and dried fruit.


Chinese Ginseng Home Remedy for Hypoglycemia

For my hypoglycemia I use Chinese ginseng to balance my blood sugar. Chinese and also Korean ginsengs help our liver to convert glycogen into glucose which is blood sugar. It can take two weeks to one month to begin to notice a difference yet it is well worth the wait. It is important to use only Chinese or Korean ginseng versus American or Siberian ginseng because Chinese and Korean ginseng have a much more powerful effect on the blood sugar. If you are unable to find any Chinese or Korean ginseng you can instead use an herb called codonopsis, also called dang shen, or bellflower. It works much like ginseng yet a little slower acting and less expensive. Using these herbs or ginseng helps give more energy in the spleen and also helps our pancreatic system. One last piece of advice is to make sure you are eating a healthy diet free of intoxicants and processed foods. Also get enough sleep each night and exercise every day.


An Apple Day

Eating an apple after each meal is a wonderful home remedy for hypoglycemia that will help to regulate your blood sugar.



I have tried a number of natural remedies for hypoglycemia and have finally found one that works super well for me. I take a couple tablespoons of molasses if I am feeling shaky or tired. The molasses really gives me a pick me up and helps me to regain my energy and balance my blood sugar very quickly. I try and take a tablespoon of molasses each morning to start off my day on the right foot so to speak!


Pumpkin Seeds

My natural cure for hypoglycemia problems is to carry around a bag full of pumpkin or sunflower seeds and eat them when I start to feel bad. I sometimes add different types of nuts to my bag. Eating these natural snacks help to bring my blood sugar back to normal.


Licorice Tea Hypoglycemia Home Remedy

For relief from hypoglycemia symptoms a home remedy that is easy and tasty is licorice tea. You can either purchase the tea in tea bag form or use a teaspoon of licorice root added to a cup of hot water. Drink this tea throughout the day as needed.


Balanced Meals

It is very important to eat balanced meals and keep your sleeping schedule on a regular routine in order to help regulate hypoglycemia. Moderate exercise and attention to making sure you get enough fresh air and sunshine are also a very crucial factor in keeping your metabolism balanced and your blood sugars normal. Avoiding stressful situations and learning to relax and take care of your self are also very important. The best natural remedy for hypoglycemia is a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


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