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Hyperacidity Natural Cures & Home Remedies



Avoid Salt and Fried Foods

One way to avoid hyperacidity is to cut back on salt and fried goods. The best natural cure for hyperacidity is a healthy diet so cutting back on the use of salt and greasy foods will help you a lot.


Starch Based Diet Hyperacidity Home Remedy

Protein causes acid to be secreted in the stomach.  Plant protein is much less acid producing than animal protein.  Acid formation evaluated in people was discovered to be 30 to 40 percent less with soy protein than with beef protein.  More than 80 years ago, medical researchers discovered that milk is a powerful acid making stimulant and that it slowly emptied from the stomach. Combining milk and eggs was shown to be an even stronger acid stimulant causing hyperacidity and slowing the evacuation of the stomach.  One very big population study revealed that peptic ulcers are more common with the consumption of fats, meat and milk.  When milk products were fermented, they were found to be less acid producing.  In the 1970’s a study was done on the effect of different milk forms to determine the amount of stomach acid secretion in 5 persons with duodenal ulcers during a time of remission and in 5 normal control persons.  A significant elevation in acid production in both groups was produced by 240 milliliters of non-fat, low-fat and whole milk.  The researchers concluded, “Because milk contains both protein and calcium, and each are stimulants of gastric-acid secretion, there is reason to question its frequent ingestion by patients with peptic ulcer.”  In other words they said it was a bad idea for someone with an ulcer to drink milk. So much of our western culture embraces an excessive protein based diet which can lead to hyperacidity as well as numerous other health ailments and diseases. The best home remedy for curing hyperacidity is to eat a diet based in pants starches. Dr. John McDougall, MD, has a fantastic health program based on his extensive research and numerous testimonials from his patients.  The hyperacidity we experience can be reversed by simply changing our diet to a starch based or plant based diet. Dairy products are a huge contributor to hyperacidity. Do your best to cut our all dairy, meat and processed foods from your diet and you will not only begin to notice your hyperacidity disappearing but you will also lose weight and feel so much better!!


Eliminate Stress

Whenever I am super stressed I always experience hyperacidity. I have found that the best natural cure for hyperacidity is to relax. The first thing I do is to slow down, center myself and make sure I am present in the moment. I do this through taking three slow deep breaths through my nose and releasing the air through my mouth. These three slow breaths can help anyone immediately gain a sense of peace and well being and subsequently helping to relieve physical and emotional stress. Meditation is also a great way to relieve stress. Sometimes taking a brisk walk in nature also helps me to relieve stress and also rejuvenate my inner sense of well being!


Avoid Alcohol

If you drink alcohol make sure you are drinking in moderation because alcohol is the direct cause of many health ailments, diseases and even cancer. A home remedy for eliminating hyperacidity is to avoid alcohol.


Fennel Seeds

After each meal take a handful of fennel seeds and chew them. Fennel seeds are naturally alkaline and are a natural cure for hyperacidity.


Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great home remedy for hyperacidity. A little coconut water is a gentle and tasty way to relieve hyperacidity.


Avoid Sour Foods

A sensible cure for hyperacidity is to avoid sour foods. Sour foods tend to contain a lot of acid.


Ginger, Lime and Honey

Ginger is a useful for treating hyperacidity. Ginger is also used in ayurvedic medicine for treating this condition. What I do is a mix some powdered ginger, maybe a teaspoon size with some fresh lime juice and a little honey in a glass of water and sip slowly. You can also make ginger tea or take ginger capsules if you are not fond of the taste of ginger.


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