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Multiple Sclerosis Natural Cure and Treatment


Go here to read about multiple sclerosis cause and cure

As a natural cure for multiple sclerosis, take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily.  Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which the body needs to repair the damage to the myelin that is done by the disease.


Scenar Device

Use a Scenar electro-stimulation device to relieve pain, infection and promote health and healing when afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Developed in Russia and tested on 18,000 persons in clinical trials. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.

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Many have stopped the progression of multiple sclerosis with MMS or Master Mineral Solution. It is cheap and commonly available. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to human cells and has no known side effects. Go here to find out about MMS.

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When the body, or any living thing, is connected to the earth, the result is powerful and profound healing benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here



You can get a TENS unit for about 35 dollars on ebay or overstock dot com. These are great for relieving pain from all parts of the body. It works while the TENS is attached but will stop working when it is removed.


Vitamin D Deficiency and Multiple Sclerosis

Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to be involved in almost every major disease including multiple sclerosis.  Click here to read more about Vitamin D Deficiency and Multiple Sclerosis.


Doing breathing exercises can greatly benefit those afflicted with multiple sclerosis.  The nervous system uses up nearly 80 percent of the oxygen we take in.  So breathing deeply is rejuvenating to the nerves.  Take a deep breath through the nose for one unit of time (e.g. one Mississippi) then hold it for four units of time without closing off the throat then exhale through the nose for two units of time.  Don’t do this for more than 20 minutes at a time.  This is a good natural treatment for multiple sclerosis.


Beta Glucan

Beta glucan is a good natural cure that can be used for multiple sclerosis.  Beta glucan is an immune enhancer and an immune modulator.  As an immune modulator, it works to eliminate extremes such as occurs with multiple sclerosis.  Problems with the immune system stem from the inability of cells to communicate properly.  A key element in this communication process is a complex polysaccharide molecule which is a type of sugar.  Beta glucan is common in a lot of plants and is normally extracted from yeast.  It has no side effects.  It is the greatest immune enhancer ever discovered and much more effective than interferon.  Read more about Beta Glucan


Diet is the centerpiece in natural treatment of multiple sclerosis.  This was clearly demonstrated in studies with many hundreds of persons suffering from multiple sclerosis.  The results of these studies are clear and were published in leading medical journals.  Dr. Roy Swank showed that low fat starch based diets will bring multiple sclerosis into remission while greatly reducing symptoms.  His patients were tracked for over 35 years.  His studies revealed that those who maintained the diet had much lower rates of disease progression than those who did not follow the diet.  Most importantly, it was demonstrated than most patients were able to resume normal lives with nothing more than dietary change.  The longer the patient continues with the diet, the more improvement that is seen.  It would come to pass that some would go off the diet to see if the diet is the cause of their improvement.  In a short period of time, the symptoms would return and then go away again as the diet is resumed.  Some individuals are more adversely affected by high fat diets and this has been demonstrated by D’Adamo with testing of groupings of red blood cells.  High fat diets cause a clumping of blood cells which allows the blood brain barrier to be violated which gives rise to the disease of multiple sclerosis.  Read more about multiple sclerosis cause and cure here.  Click here to see a video by Dr. John McDougall, MD on diet and multiple sclerosis 

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