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Angular Cheilitis Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



I had Angular Cheilitis, I tried a few things such as anti-fungal creams and drying out the area with corn starch. The only thing that worked (and worked quickly) was Bactine and Blistex Medicated Ointment. I cleaned the corners of my mouth throughly with Bactine applied on a make up removal pad. Once everything was cleaned up, I applied Blistex Medicated Ointment and let it sit.  I did this just before bed and the next morning there was a considerable improvement. After 2 days the lesions are almost gone, what a relief !!   Mike W 12/28/2010


For a natural remedy for angular cheilitis I recommend Blistex Medicated Ointment.  I’m not talking about the balm!  You take the ointment and gently apply to the cuts and on your lips.  If you have deep cuts that are really inflamed, it may burn some.  Use this at least three times a day or if when your lips feel dry. 


Blistex Angular Cheilitis Natural Remedy

When I discovered I was getting Angular Cheilitis (a cut at the corners of my mouth),  I thought it wasn’t any big deal.  I thought it would just heal on it’s own accord.  Wow, I was so wrong.  Instead the cut just worsened and after three weeks, I was frustrated and planned on seeing my doctor.  Before I had set up my appointment, my mother suggested Blistex.  I thought it was worth a shot.  Within hours I already began to see a difference!  In another three days after first using the Blistex, my cut didn’t hurt and it was beginning to heal.  I was amazed as it no longer hurt when I opened my mouth to eat or yawn.  After five days it had completely healed up.   Even though my cut wasn’t particularly deep or inflamed; it still hurt very much.  If you deal with a more serious case of Angular Cheilitis it will most likely take longer to heal up.


For prevention or treatment of mild cases eliminate the use of ‘oral rinse’ like Listerine before going to sleep.  Oral rinse can dry out your mouth.  Also, avoid calcium stuff at this time as it provides something for bacteria to feed on.  Get some Carmex in a little pot that has a yellow lid.   Apply this to the corners of your mouth.  For treating more serious cases … take a cotton swab and put .05% hydrocortisone on the affected area.  Do this twice daily.  Also use the Carmex.   If you don’t have success with the hydrocortisone try a very small dab of an athlete’s foot cream called Lamisil on the corners of your mouth.  I know that you are not supposed to use this on your face but sometimes this is all that will work.  You might want to add a small amount of moisturizer over it as well.  This is because the skin can dry out.


I had some struggles with Angular Cheilitis for awhile so here is my natural home remedy.  I had tried a variety of ways to cure it.  I used cortisone, different anti-fungals, etc.  I have learned that this problem is caused by fungus and can be accompanied by bacterial infection.  I believe that this problem stemmed from drooling in the corners of my mouth during sleep.  I’ve discovered that others have also experienced this.  I think the best solution is dietary change and a topical that works well.  Diet is the most important change.  Yeast survives best with sugars.  I found that with the decrease in sugars, healing improved.  In my situation, diet change was critical for success.  Here are some guidelines to hold back the yeast. 

Avoid all sweeteners including:  fructose, brown rice syrup, glucose, beet sugar, sucrose, etc. While healing, reduce intake of grains.  This especially applies to refined grains like white flower and rice.

Don’t drink fruit juices high in sugar.  Instead eat whole fruit as the fiber will aid the prevention of blood sugar spiking.

Don’t drink alcohol.  Especially beer and wine as they contain yeast.

Yogurt is alright, but generally avoid other fermented foods.

Avoid red meat and substitute food protein like chicken, fish, and turkey.


I found a topical ointment that will treat both bacterial and fungal infections.  It can be used several times daily like a moisturizer without being noticeable.  It is costly; but, it will last a long time.  This ointment is also effective for treating acne.  It is a first aid spray called EMUgency.  If you follow my suggestions above, you’ll have success. 


Anular Cheilitis Natural Home Remedy with Tinactin

I have diabetes and have taken vitamin B 50 a few days coupled with some iron.  I visited this site and have read the various entries.  I’ve taken some Tinactin powder (athletes foot treatment) and have mixed this with water to form a paste.  I’ve applied this paste to the corners of my mouth.  It is starting to heal and the pain has almost disappeared.  I‘m now able to open my mouth and eat much easier.


I had very serious symptoms.  I had inflamed lips all the time.  They were dried out, peeling and cracking.  Also I had lesions every week.  I tried a variety of lip balms that are on the market.  I even tried hydrocortisone, yet nothing solved me getting rid of bacterial infections.  I finally saved my lips with the purchase of a 50$ kit.  After a few treatments, I discovered that this worked treating the lesions.  First find an Antibacterial soap, lemon is a good choice.  Second, find some Vaseline or petroleum jelly.  Third, find some non-alovera tissues to blow your nose with.  Fourth, take vitamin B.  Take a clean bowl and wash it and fill it with warm water.  Soak your lips in the bowl for about a minute to open the lesions and become soft tissue.  Keep them damp.  Take antibacterial soap and wash your hands and the bowl.  Using your freshly cleaned hands put a small amount of antibacterial soap on your lips using your index finger.  The lesions will open up.  Use about a minute of time on each lip working up a good lather while being gentle.  Leave the lather on your lips as you wash your hands to rid the bacteria/fungus.  Use warm or hot water.  Use a clean bowl of warm water and wash your face.  Be thorough and don’t worry about burning or hurting your face.  Wash your hands again ensuring that all the bacteria is gone.  Dab your lips and mouth area with clean tissues.  Only use one dab per tissue.  You have a lot of tissues, so be generous in using them.  Your lips will be free of bacteria and feel clean and tightened up.  Next apply Vaseline/petroleum jelly to your lips.  This will prevent the bacteria from getting air and to grow.  Let this sit for two hours; then use tissues and wipe off the Vaseline.  This will stop the bacteria from growing on your lips and mouth area.  Repeat this process one more additional time.  It takes about four hours, but will really help.  It has really done wonders for me.

I’ve heard that angular cheilitis is caused by a lack of vitamin B12.  So you need to take a supplement of vitamin B12 to kill off the bacteria.  Take this daily.  I repeated this a few times a week extending to over a month.  Doing this procedure once should take care of mild cases.  For a situation like mine which was more severe with extremely red and sore lips; it can take a while.

This has seriously worked for me.  I have occasional outbreaks of bacteria attributed to my diet.  I avoid alcohol, cheese, bread, and yeasts.  It’s hard but I need to sacrifice with my diet.  I need to keep respectable lips that enable me to eat burritos.   

It was a $50.00 investment paid by my father that was well worth it.  I pass on the knowledge to you knowing how it feels to be seen and judged by this.

I wish you good luck.  You are not alone.


I have had angular cheilitis for around a year. I have tried many remedies (home and prescription) without success.  I finally bought several lip sticks.  One worked overnight.  The one that worked for me was Carmex (original, moisturizing balm) sunscreen SPF15.  I can get this at Wal-Mart or Walgreens.  My lips felt relief the first time I used it.  Within a few hours the dry skin on my lips had peeled off.  Over night my lips had peeled on the inside.  Gradually in about six or seven days the redness in the corners of my mouth faded away.  I continue to use this several times daily.  Remember this is a Carmex chap stick like product.  Don’t forget to brush your teeth at bedtime.  This is a simple and effective method.


I have used a combination of the different type of items mentioned in this post.  I had deep cuts in the corners of my mouth.  I also had small bumps/lesions that would spread from the corner cuts to the skin around my mouth.  Twice daily I washed the corners of my mouth with an antibacterial soap.  I then covered the corners with Aquaphor (Vaseline like lotion).  I used a Blistex ointment (not balm) on my lips.  I applied Neosporin (topical antibiotic) on the skin surrounding my mouth.  Don’t use Neosporin on your mouth as it shouldn’t be ingested.  I also began taking a good multivitamin in case a lack of vitamins was a contributing source of the cause.  The vitamin I chose was GNC Women’s Ultra Mega vitamin.  All the symptoms cleared in several days.  When the skin is healing, it will itch.  You can use a hydrocortisone cream to treat this.


Thermazine Natural Remedy for Angular Cheilitis

For close to a year I’ve had active Angular Cheilitis.  I can relate to the negative aspects.  I’ve tried many things and have finally come up with something.  I read an article stating the causes of Angular Chelitis could stem from fungal, bacterial, or yeast infection or any combination of these.  After doing research I found an ointment that I used two times a day for a week.  At the start of the second week I used it at bed time.  It is called Thermazine (Silver Sulfadiazine) Cream 1%.  You can google it and see for yourself.  I didn’t need a prescription and was able to find it on Amazon.  I’m sure you can also find it elsewhere.  I’m not making money from this; I only want to help others gain relief and to smile again. 

It’s been over a month now without any recurrence.  It had been active for a very long time.  I was in such misery with the pain, cracking, and bleeding.  I was also very embarrassed with the appearance.

God bless and the best of luck!


I recommend Thermazene (silver sulfadiazine).  Check it out on google.   I was miserable with severe cracking and nonstop bleeding.  I tried this cream two times a day for the first week, including at night before going to bed.  Now I use it at night before going to sleep.  It has only returned once when I went three days without use.  It’s worth trying out!  I got it on amazon.  I wish you good luck!


The therapeutic approach I used as a home remedy for angular cheilitis was to use dish washing soap, and a prescription from my doctor of anti bacterial and anti fungal cream.  The anti bacterial costs a lot and is to treat staph infections.


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