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Nail Biting Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Take your daughter to get a professional manicure.  If you have this professionally done, as opposed to you giving it, then your child will take it much more seriously.  She will be invested in it.  However she has to want it. This is a very effective home remedy for nail biting.


Ground Pepper Home Remedy for Nail Biting

My mother had tried everything to get me to stop biting my fingernails but nothing worked. Eventually, a friend of hers suggested that she stick my fingertips into ground pepper. This works for some time. The taste of the pepper was bad enough to keep me from putting my fingers in my mouth.



Give a Substitute

You can get sugarless lollipops from the health food store to offer to your child as a home remedy for biting his or her nails. If there is a way to get some oral gratification it will be easier for your child to stop the habit of nail biting.



Stand in front of a mirror and pretend to bite your nails in slow motion, so you can observe all of the movements and nuances that are taking place. For most nail biters the process begins by feeling the edges of the nails with their thumb. One is consciously or unconsciously searching for rough spots and irregularities before actually beginning to bite the nail. In the mirroring process we want to become aware of the beginning parts of the nail biting movement. It requires less effort to stop the process in these initial stages than to try and do it when the finger is in the mouth.


Filing Your Nails

One really great home remedy for nail biting is to make sure your nails are short and well-trimmed especially in the first few weeks of your effort to stop the habit. It is best not to use scissors or a metal file and to use an emery board instead. This is a gentler process and will not weaken your nails. When filing, give your nails an oval or rounded shape. If you file your nails straight across it will leave sharp points on the sides that will encourage biting.



If your child has expressed their willingness to abandon nail biting, you can aid the process by helping her to keep the hands occupied with something else. For example drawing supplies can be kept available so that you can encourage your child to color or draw during periods that the hands are idle. An example of this would be while watching television. Another home remedy for nail biting is to use a beaded bracelet that your child can wear and then used to play with when the biting temptation occurs.


Use a Nail Polisher

Using a nail polisher on your nails makes a psychological barrier to biting them later. The idea is to take pride in your nails and so you will be deterred from going back to the ragged chewed off look.


Bad Taste

Try putting something that has a bitter or unpleasant taste on your child's nails and fingertips. There is a product called Thum which has citric acid and a mild cayenne pepper extract. To avoid having your child look at this as a punishment try to get them to agree to this before using it. This is one of the best natural home remedies for nail biting.


Will Power

There are some persons who get out of bed on a particular day and make a decision to stop biting their nails. This requires willpower because the habit is so demanding and persistent. My good friend Alice was very well aware of my discontent. Her nail biting habit was so bad that I would frequently see Band-Aids on her fingers. One fine day she simply decided to stop. Every time she was beset with the urge to bite she would try to find something else to do such as vacuuming or putting on nail polish. She would do whatever it took to distract her mind from the thought of biting. Low and behold it worked! Her nails are now long and beautiful and the old habit has long since died.



Enlist the services of someone who is close to you to act as a coach as this can be a very effective nail biting natural remedy. Your coach will forever remind you that you should not bite your nails.


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