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DCA Cancer Cure and Alternative Treatment 



DCA (dichloroacetate) is a simple inexpensive drug that at one time was used for unusual metabolic problems. In 2007, a research team from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, discovered and proved that DCA is an effective and safe cure for cancer. Yet, the entrenched cancer establishment shows little or no interest in this and the reason is because DCA is no longer patented. (1)  If it is not patentable, no one can make any money manufacturing it.  No one will want to put up the millions required to conduct human clinical trials.

Their research also revealed and confirmed that cancer is not a strange mutation of cells but rather a metabolic malfunction. It is most unfortunate the medical mafia does not want you to know about this. It confirms what most alternative cancer practitioners already understand.

In the 1970s Richard Nixon declared his war on cancer. Since then, the cancer industry has been most successful in raising money for developing extremely expensive chemotherapy drugs at $50,000-$100,000 per round for highly toxic therapies that are rarely effective. (2)

Chemotherapy drugs inevitably require even more drugs to compensate for the horrific side effects. (3) In the meantime, more people are getting cancer and more are dying from this disease, mostly as a result of the toxic treatments.

Looking at DCA Research Results

The Alberta University medical research team led by Evangelos Michelakis, tested DCA directly on human cancer cells in vitro (in a dish) and also in cancerous mice with stunning success. At one time DCA was a remedy for unusual metabolic problems. The worst side effects, while rarely occurring, include an affected gait and some numbness.

The mice were given DCA in their drinking water, and in a matter of weeks they were showing significant shrinkage of tumors. This shows that DCA can be taken by mouth. DCA performs its cancer cure by restoring the mitochondria in the cancer cells. Michelakis and his research team found that the cancer cell mitochondria are not damaged permanently and can be repaired. Mainstream medicine thinks the opposite is true.

When the mitochondria are malfunctioning, cancer cells utilize the fermentation of glucose to provide energy for survival. This fermentation process occurs when glycolysis (glucose conversion) takes place in an anaerobic (no oxygen) environment which can be created by toxins, low pH levels or benign tumor masses.

DCA allows cancer cells to function normally by restoring their mitochondria. An additional function of normal mitochondria is initiating apoptosis, or self-destruction of cells. Normal cells are continuously dying and being replaced. In the cancer cells, the signal to begin apoptosis is absent allowing cancer cells to become immortal. (4)

The medical researchers at Alberta University also understood that cancer cell glycolysis fermentation creates lactic acid. The collagen which holds together the cancer cells is broken down by lactic acid allowing the cancer cells to separate from the tumor that is shrinking with orthodox therapies. The researchers postulate that this is the reason cancer spreads to other parts of the body and reappears later after a seeming remission from chemotherapy.

The Great Hypocrisy

Alternative cancer cures have little or no problem with cancer that has spread or even cancer coming back after remission. Most alternative cancer cures simply cure cancer completely.

DCA gives the cancer industry a golden opportunity to provide a pharmaceutical cure that is much safer and infinitely cheaper than their current standard of treatment. Yet, the cancer industry chooses to look the other way. As a result, DCA is an orphan without a home begging for funds to do more research. (5)

Practitioners of alternative cancer treatments have simply tried their therapies and, when successful, shared them with others who were more interested in healing than with power and money. The medical mafia has spawned an enormous bureaucracy engaging in what amounts to extortion demanding bigger and bigger bucks in exchange for your life (most pay and die anyway). The cancer orthodoxy accuses alternative cancer practitioners of quackery and taking advantage of those who are desperately ill for financial profit. However, this is a projection on their part as this description most aptly fits the cancer industry.

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